things babes say

Babe love from some of our Babe'n Clients.

Abby Plested - Blogger at Honey We Are More

"The Babes just got my vision, they just knew what I wanted." 



Grace Withy - Owner at Lunar Balloons

"After stumbling across Brand Babes Studio on instagram and chatting to Alarice, I knew I just had to be a part of her girl gang. 

Through constant communication and updates on my personal brand page, I never felt too far from my baby. This platform encouraged a collaboration to not only create a stunning brand identity, but also ask the right questions and get the feedback needed to create a brand image that still felt like my own.

Alarice is not only insanely talented but also incredible to deal with! Her passion for what she does is reflected in all her work and I wouldn't hesitate to to recommend her to anyone wanting to take their brand to the next level!

Thank you so so much! xx"

Vanessa Goodson - Owner at Omgness Styling

"OMG - Iam totally obsessed with my brand design. I just knew without a doubt that the Babes would create the magic I needed to take my event styling biz to the next level!"