Client: Match-made Skin
Scope: Tagline, Brand Strategy, Brand Design, Brand Story, Packaging, Social Strategy, Monthly Instagram, Copywriting


Match-Made Skin was created to end the search for stressed-skin sufferers, helping them achieve a healthy skin glow and the confidence that comes with it. Their dream was to help customers feel comfortable and love themselves, using skincare as their tool.


Beginning with this mission, we sought to make Match-made Skin a soothing, trusted place - one that feels as luxurious as it is calming, just like the products do.

This led to clean, minimal design with a sleek palette and calming negative space.


Clean, classy and calming was the vibe set for Match-made Skin’s ‘gram, led by the social and brand strategies. Together we created a space that provided tips to help women get their glow on, while adding to the brand story.