Being An Authentic Blogger With Abby Plested


Know your truth. All long time followers will know that is Abby’s mantra for life, and after talking with her it is clear that she lives by it. 

Abby was our first ever influencer project (throwing it way back!) so we were super excited when she said yes to being our first ever podcast guest. 

"I decided to create a blog because I had more to say than just a little square on instagram"

This episode felt exactly what is sounds like - like a group of like-minded Babes sitting and chatting about all things life, business and the bits in-between. We didn’t shy away from the big questions, and Abby didn’t shy away from answering them. She is 100% as real and herself as she seems on social media. Even better she gave us nuggets of advice that will help any Babe dreaming of being a blogger to pursue those dreams.

In this episode we talk about what it means to be a blogger in New Zealand, and how you can stay true to yourself while being in this industry. We delved into sharing faith on social media, judgement, the importance of your support group, and what makes a good brand collaboration.

Whether you’re a brand wanting to learn more about influencers, a Babe scared of judgement, or a soon-to-be blogger, this podcast has something for everyone.

Find Abby on insta @abbyplested

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