Building Your Brand Strategy With Megan Raynor From Brand Babes Studio


Today we recorded the second part of our Brand Babes Studio interviews - Partner and Brand Strategist, Megan. 

Megan is one of those Babes who lives and breathes branding, but somehow still has time to exercise and play with dogs. If she wasn’t so nice and wasn’t a BBS Babe, we’d probably hate her.

In this episode Megan shares her experience going from side-hustle to full-hustle and how she managed that. She delves into her background in advertising, redundancy, and her learnings from working with brands such as Tourism New Zealand, ANZ and 2degrees. These cemented her love for branding and gave her insight into the importance for brand strategy. Luckily for you Babe, she shares these insights with us.

“A brand strategy is the foundation of everything you do in your brand…without a foundation what are you building your brand on?”

"Branding's not even about you. It's about the people you're selling to"

We get her to break down what the heck copywriting is, and learn some tips on how to write better - something you Babes are always asking about. She even give us some little titbits on how to fit exercise into entrepreneur life, bonus!

"If you're not writing something that people understand, or connect with, or want to know about, then don't bother writing it”

If you’re someone who’s side-hustling and wanting to leap into full-hustle, a Biz Babe who needs help with your brand strategy and copywriting, or just want to know all about Megs, this is the episode for you to listen to.

"I think it's a blessing when bad things happen because you have to get out your comfort zone"

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