What Makes Good Branding With Alarice Stuart From Brand Babes Studio


Today we did something a bit different, we interviewed ourselves! You Babes are always asking us questions and wanting to pick our brains, so we took turns doing that for you. In part one of we talk with Alarice Stuart, Brand Babes Studio founder, creative director, solo mama and designer extraordinaire.

In this episode Alarice encourages Babes to know their worth and to live by their values. She talks about the importance of this and how it can end up effecting your business - hint, not well if you don’t.

"You have to have values that align with your client and vice versa - it's not beneficial to either of you if you don't"

This episode gets into the juice of what branding really means for a business. Alarice pulls on her experience going from zero to fully booked out within three months, something that was all done through organic instagram engagement. Sounds crazy but it’s true! She reveals that this all comes down to branding and getting into your customer’s mind.   

"We live in an incredible time where it is really easy to start a business - we can do all the things! But because of that there's a lot of noise....the only way you can cut through the noise is to have a great brand"

Alarice’s experience of starting a business from scratch, and not knowing what the heck she was doing, is a great reminder to everyone listening that you can do it too. She shares her top tips for Babes thinking of doing the same.

"You cannot go on autopilot. you cannot go stagnant...I'm glad I knew nothing when I started a biz”

Whether you’re a business wanting to know more about branding, or a curious Babe who wants to know more about the human behind our Biz, you’ll find heaps of gems in this episode.


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