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Today’s episode is amazing. It’s amazing because we somehow had fun learning about intellectual property (IP) and think you will too. This is all down to our guest for today, Fi, the founder of Girl Friday IP. Her instagram bio says “no legalese, real talk, occasionally foul mouthed” and that is 100% accurate. 

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Girl Friday IP is a boutique IP practice, specialising in protecting small biz and start-ups.

In this episode Fi puts IP into human terms, educating us on what intellectual property is as well as why it’s so important for any business to consider. It all comes down to protecting your brand -  being proactive rather than defensive.

“It’s an investment, not just for when the shit hits the fan”

“It’s your hard earned effort…coming up with a brand takes a hell of a lot of effort. You have to protect that.”

Do your homework. Homework, homework, homework is the key outtake of this episode. IP is all about a little bit of homework to save you having to backpedal later. And if you don’t want to do your homework, get someone else to do it for you. 

“It might be a great idea, it might be a great brand, but it’s not going to see the light of day if you’re stepping on someone else’s toes.”

“You can take a calculated punt - do a little background research”

Fi also shared with us her own experience with branding and how important it is to create something ownable, that you can protect and claim as yours. She reflects on her own brand values and how these are so necessary for attracting the right personalities and clients. And as a bonus, she covers the importance of being different - both for your branding and for ownable IP.

"If you can get consistency across the board, bring home that branding and message every time, people will remember you."

If you haven’t considered the importance of IP, this episode needs to be listened to.

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