Stress Management And Your Hormones As A Small Biz Babe


We talked with Sara, from Your Monthly Club, about the ways stress effects our health. Sara is a dietitian who specialises in hormonal health and fertility - something that effects female health in a big way. This is an important topic for all of you Babes because we’d bet almost every one of you deals with too much stress in your life.

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“Stress is a competition. When you ask someone ‘how are you?’ You hear ‘oh so busy!’”

These days stress is almost romanticised. It’s seen as a sign of success and is part of day-to-day life. Sara chats to us about how this can be a big issue for our bodies and health, especially in the way it effects our hormones.

“Not ovulating has a greater health effect than not being able to fall pregnant.”

“I find it fascinating that we’re all females, we have ovaries, but none of us even understand what is ovulation”

In this episode Sara teaches us that our bodies can’t tell the difference between deadline stress and life threatening stress. This means that our hormonal response is as dramatic as if we were being chased by a tiger - not ideal as an every day reaction.

Sara covers tips for reducing stress in your life, some which took us by surprise like being more mindful of the kinds of exercise you do. She also stepped out some health tips that are easy to implement, no matter how busy you are.

“High intensity exercise promotes more stress hormones. It has its place but if stress is something you’re dealing with most of your week…it will add to your problem.”

If you’ve ever dealt with stress in your life - so all of you - this is the episode to listen to. You’ll come away with actionable tips and a better understanding of how your body works.

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