Where To Focus When Starting A Coaching Biz


Today's minisode  is one of our favs. It comes from the question "what should new coaches primarily be focusing on when starting a new biz?"

With the coaching space becoming increasingly busy, this question is one we know may of you will be curious about. The answers apply for businesses outside of coaching too, so make sure you have a listen if you're starting any new biz.

We used our experience with helping small biz babes to share answers around:

- Working out your specific difference.

- Honing into what that means.

- Creating a filter for ideas.

- Getting started with marketing.

- Working on one thing at a time.

This episode will help you get started in your biz and remind you what's important.

"Done is better than perfect"

"Our clients who are coaches do well because they're open, they get it out there. They're not waiting."

"If you're not doing what you're telling your clients to do, why would anyone trust you?"

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