brand consulting sessions

Does “I have an idea but I don’t know where to start” sound like you? Get In Touch, Babes!


Brainstorm session

A 45 minute brainstorm with our expert brains. Starting a new biz, or even keeping an old one fresh and still consistent, can be tricky. Let’s nut out the solution to your problem and then what steps need to be taken next. After the session we will flick you through an email summarising all of the great thinking, so you can action what needs to be done.

This is for you if you need an expert brain to help with a specific problem, ideas to get unstuck, a campaign, a niggling worry, raising brand awareness, have a strategy issue, need help with social plans…and so on and so on. Anything brand or biz related challenge really!


Find your difference & purpose

Our most popular 45 minute session where we work out your point of difference and your purpose - giving you the starting points of a great brand strategy. These two elements are key to determining your brand direction. Why’s that? - Because your point of difference and purpose will inform who you are as a business, how you interact with your audience and help you link your services or products together. After our session we will flick you through an email summarising our time together, so you can build on your new point of difference and purpose.

This is for you if you're not sure how to stand out, don’t know what makes you different to competitors, what value you add, or if you have all these ideas and are unsure how to make them connect.


determining your content

A 45 minute session where we look at what content would be relevant to your brand. This could include anything from ‘themes’ you can use for blog posts, or a selection of ideas for ongoing social posts, or even how these should look. In your booking form you can fill in which content area you need our help with. After the session we flick you through an email summary of the awesome things we discussed, so you can action the content ideas.

This is for you if you’re stuck when it comes to making the most of your social media or website, or are unsure what content is even relevant for your brand.