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Babes always come to us for advice. Now you can too.

We find Babes who are new to having their own Biz or need someone to bounce off, benefit from having an expert to coach them through and act as a sounding board. We work with Babes who are ready to level up and bring their own ideas and thoughts to the table.

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1 Session: $220 (choose from either Babe),  4 Sessions: $840 (mix and match calls with each Babe or stick with one)  or 8 Sessions: $1600 (mix and match calls with each Babe or stick with one)


"My coaching session with Megan was invaluably helpful for me at this stage in my business. I was so impressed with the genuine passion Megan showed towards helping me achieve more milestones in my business, she is very positive, inspiring and motivating. I’m really excited to book in for another service with these ladies - their empowering attitude towards small business and girl bosses is unlike any other."


Introducing the Babes you'll work with:

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Alarice Stuart - Founder and Creative Director of Brand Babes Studio

Alarice started in the corporate world, before seeing the light and taking a bold leap into using her design degree. She knows from experience all about over coming adversity, starting a business from scratch, working internationally, and all while solo-mumming.

Since she began Brand Babes Studio, Alarice has taken the studio from start-up to studio of choice for bloggers, small Biz Babes, and some cool corporates like Air New Zealand.

Some passion topics she loves to empower Babes on are:

  • Designing your life

  • Backing yourself

  • Overcoming adversity

  • Building a brand

  • Design and online presence

  • Business ideas

  • Pushing boundaries

  • Using influencers

  • Start ups

  • Pricing strategy

If you’re a mama battling with #mumguilt and the busyness of entrepreneur life, I’ve got your back Babe! You can do this.


Megan Raynor - Director and Wordsmith of Brand Babes Studio

Megan started in the advertising world, being one of New Zealand’s first AWARD School attendees and creating adverts for the likes of ANZ and Tourism New Zealand. Post ‘Ad Land’ she moved into branding, Creative Directing and Copywriting at a boutique branding studio.

This background has given her insight into how businesses grow, the importance of having a strategy, knowing your why, side-hustling, and how to back yourself. 

Some passion topics she loves to empower Babes on are:

  • Side-hustling

  • Knowing your why

  • Building a brand

  • Creating a point of difference

  • Brand Strategy

  • Valuing and backing yourself

  • Knowing your worth

  • Copywriting and content

  • Idea-storming

If you’re side-hustling but scared to take the leap into full-time, I know what you’re going through Babe! Let’s kick that fear to the curb.