How to Practice Self-Care as a Busy Biz Babe

Rihanna said it best “werk werk werk werk werk.” That’s the day in, day out as a new business owner - heck as any business owner. It can sometimes feel like you need to work all the time, and that if you’re not, you’re failing somehow.

Let me tell you one thing Babe, that’s not true. Being in the thick of it all the time, means that we often forget to look after the very thing that makes out businesses what they are - ourselves.

Working all the time (as opposed to almost all the time, there’s a difference) won’t get you any further.  It will get you burnout and biz fatigue. You need time to recharge, reinvigorate your epic biz brain and give yourself space away from your biz so that when you’re working you’re at your best. Sounds a lot easier than it is right? That’s why we’ve written this blog, to help you Babes self-care without the guilt. 

Here’s a few ways some of the Brand Babes Studio team recharge and look after ourselves.

I don’t really set a specific time or day for self care because #mumlife, so for me self care is just taking a minute here and there to just slow down and be still. I spend a lot of time at the beach like seriously I will sit at the beach sometimes twice a day. Being a mum and running a business its hard to get the hamster in my head off the wheel but there is something about watching the ocean and listening to the sound of the waves and seagulls that is so calming. Self-care for me if anything is a mindset - it’s checking it with myself, making sure the internal dialogue is healthy. Being honest about if I do need that time out before I burn out. Self-care is saying no without guilt and being ok with letting others down to protect your energy. 

For me self-care about starting my day right by prioritising what I love - running. If I don’t exercise and get some outside time I don’t feel like I’m ready to have an awesome, productive day. As I’ve gotten older (side note - how old does that make me sound?!) I’ve become better at listening to my body, which means when I find I am feeling super brain fried or agitated I now let myself step away from my computer to have a moment to myself. The way I see it, there's no point siting there staring at my screen when I could take that time to recharge and come back firing. 

Eli (Junior, Junior Creative Director)
The great thing about being an almost 3 year old is that everyone helps you prioritise your self care - or alternatively you can just demand it in the form of a tantrum. My mum’s really into essential oils and deep breathing so naturally she has been teaching me ‘how to breath’ although I thought I was doing that every day anyway. Spending 3 months in Bali means I love massages! My nana mixes lavender oil and coconut oil before bed thinking it would help me sleep earlier (it doesn’t - I go to sleep whenever I want). Self-care is being able to express myself all the time even when it is very inappropriate. I just don’t believe in suppressing my feelings and so I express them at every opportunity - it’s important to always be honest even if your mum isn’t into you screaming and throwing yourself on the shopping mall floor. 

If you’re still feeling guilty just thinking about taking some time for you, these wee tips should help you out.

  • Think about yourself as an employee. Wouldn’t you want your employee to be performing at their most Babe’n and not have to work too many late nights, weekends, birthdays, weddings..? Thought so. 
  • Start with the simplest form of self-care - breathing. We all do it already, so next time you find you’re a bit wound up just take some deep belly breaths. It’s proven to de-stress you which always leads to better biz decisions. 
  • Reward yourself. This can be as simple as celebrating a little win with your favourite chai, or as blissful as a massage at the end of a big week. It’s okay to reward yourself Babes!
  • Remind yourself of the benefits. For example, letting yourself get 6+ hours sleep leads to better brain function, leads to a more productive day.
  • Remember that in the early days you pretty much are your biz. If you’re not looking after yourself, you’re not looking after your business.


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