Babe Chats: Brand Babes Studio's Queen B, aka Alarice Stuart

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Brand Babes Studio's Founder and Director. Solo Mama. Constant Explorer. Mega Babe. Alarice is the babe our Babes come to for advice, so we fired all of your most burning questions at her. Read on to learn what makes her so brave, what small biz's MUST do, and her dream for NZ Babes.

What is your favourite way to start the day?
I am truly obsessed with learning about successful entrepreneur’s morning routines. I started reading Tim Ferris’ book ‘Tools of the Titans’ and a lot of those bad-ass bosses share their morning routines. Let now me tell you, I am not a morning person - I repeat NOT A MORNING PERSON - but mum life has forced me to wake up early. Across all the morning routines I read about, from Oprah to Tony Robbins, they all wake up early. So when I was in Bali I started a new routine - I would wake up before the little babe woke up and jump into the pool. Now, in the tropics this is a fab way to start the day even if you’re not a morning person. But being back in NZ meant I’ve had to come up with a new morning routine which is currently a work in progress that goes something like this - wake up with the little babe (because it’s cold don’t judge me), have a glass of water to start the day, inhale a lemon or peppermint essential oil and do some deep breathing, then straight into the shower to get ready for my work day. And then.. coffee!

It’s so brave how you back moved to NZ, as well as lived in Bali and Melbs , all while starting and having your own biz, blog and baby! Do you have any advice for babes about being brave in their life decisions? 
You have to be seriously honest with yourself about what you want out of life and go do that! Don’t stay in a job you hate, in a relationship that doesn’t serve you out of fear of the unknown. Just take a leap of faith - more often than not the thing that scares us the most is the exact thing we need to do to grow and live a fulfilling life. 

It can be tiring being creative allllll of the time! What inspires you and gets you amped?
Travel inspires me. Building BBS the way I have has given me the freedom to live anyway. So on days when I need to “eat the frog” a.k.a get the boring tasks done I literally visualise myself somewhere tropical with a coconut in my hand. Works a treat every time!

You seem very spontaneous (it’s inspiring!) how do you juggle your spontaneous nature with being a mama?
I’m really blessed to have a little one who is so adaptable to change. He loves all the adventures I take him on and he thrives in new environments. It has just become the norm for our life. The key thing for me is communicating with him what we are doing, why we are doing it and where we are going. The funny thing is that becoming a mama has been what has made me so spontaneous. My little babe has taught me to be brave and take risks. So now it feels like a natural thing. 

Tell us how you came up with BBS’ kick ass branding and why?
I wanted BBS to grow into a community. A safe space for small biz babes to come and not just hire me for my services but learn, grow and feel empowered. I knew BBS had to portray a strong female brand - what says strong female brand other than millennial pink? *whispers* absolutely nothing. Now that’s just the visual. In terms of the other two elements that make up a brand - voice and values that was easy. Why?! Because I knew my target audience inside and out. I knew that small biz babes either didn’t know where to find a brand and web design studio, or they didn’t know they needed it. So I crafted a voice that speaks directly too them - hence the overuse of babes. My values to me were simple - BBS could not be a community if it didn’t help babes stand out. So whatever I create in my business is all about helping you babes stand out!

Finish this sentence. The secret of a great brand is…. Your values, your voice and your visuals. If any one of those are sub-par then sorry babe but so is your brand #truthbomb. 

What are you top tips for any Babes wanting to start their own biz?
Firstly, just start. Making that step and commitment is the hardest part. Secondly, without bias, invest in your brand - take the time to seriously nut out your why. Know what your business stands for and mostly importantly what it doesn't stand for. Define your values. Create a unique voice that speaks directly to your ideal audience. Dress your business like it makes you a million dollars a month - don’t mess around with sub-par visuals, we live in a design aware world. 

Final question babe. What is your #1 dream for the women of New Zealand?
Stop with the tall poppy syndrome. With travelling a lot and living overseas I’ve realised this is a huge problem! There are definitely babes in NZ who support each other. But there is also a really dark side to the small biz babe community. Here’s the thing, there is enough of the pie to go around. We have to stand together and be our best cheerleaders. 


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