Babe Chats: Bridget Paddon


She's known for her empowering authenticity, sweet Southern 'r's and ability to help make dreams come true. Bridget is the Babe behind Goal Diggers NZ (GDNZ) and has built a community of like-minded humans with a vigour for life. Read on for her top biz tips, life advice and thoughts on being an independent woman. 


We’re currently obsessed with morning routines. What sets you up for a great day?
Everyday is started with a lukewarm hot water with freshly squeezed lemon and organic apple cider vinegar, stimulating digestion and working its magic on those pesky toxins. My favourite part of the day is sunrise, so my partner and I start our day together walking the dog with the pooh bag in tow. I love starting our walk while it’s still dark and most people are still fast asleep, then BAM next thing you know the sun’s sneaking up creating a skygasm right in front of our eyeballs. Mother Nature gets me every single time.


You’ve mentioned being “an independent woman who is in a relationship.” We love this! Can you share a little about how we can become more aware of what we are learning from our relationships? 
I’ve learnt throughout my relationships the importance of still having your independence outside of the relationship. Still doing things just for you and putting yourself first. I think no matter where you’re at in your relationship, this needs to come first - for both you and your partner.

We can create awareness of what we are learning from our relationships by taking the time to reflect on any friction, removing any blame by getting 100% honest with yourself about how you’re feeling, why you’re feeling that way and looking at what the takeaway is from that situation. Whenever there is friction or tension, there is always something there to learn about yourself. It’s too easy to place the blame on your significant other, your Mum or your best friend. Step up, own up and level up.


It’s pretty brave to be so authentic and real with your followers. Where does that bravery come from?
I spent way too long and far too much energy worrying about what other people think of me. It held me back. It stopped me from taking risks. It stopped me from showing up. So I’m not sure if it’s so much about bravery but more so about knowing who I am, accepting me for who I am and being willing to show all sides of me, even the vulnerable ones. I am here to awaken others to their full potential and in order to that I need to live my truth and show up as the real me 100% of the time.


We can see that YOU are your brand. It’s your personality, your values, your face that people connect with. Was this a conscious decision, and why?
Goal Diggers NZ is solely driven by me so it makes sense that its foundation is based on my own values and identity. It wasn’t a conscious decision for my personality and face to be the brand, that’s just how it all organically happened. I do believe that to be attracting the people I want to work with that my energy and vibe absolutely have to shine through so my followers and potential coaching clients can decide whether they resonate with that or not. However, watch this space, there may be some potential changes coming soon around branding and identity for both myself and GDNZ. Shhh, you guys are the first to know!


With the above in mind, how do you choose who to align with on S.M?
I find it really easy to decide who I align with on social media. They have to be brands, businesses and products that I believe in and that align with my values and the GDNZ lifestyle. One time I was approached to do a paid post about a bed. I agreed to it and thought that I could easily link it to evening routines, the importance of getting enough sleep etc. which if you’re a follower of mine you will know I’m very big on sharing the magic of morning and evening routines. But a couple of days out my integrity radar started going off ABORT ABORT and I just couldn’t go through with it. I knew I was letting people down in doing so but I had to decide what was more important, keeping a social media agency happy or living with integrity. Sure, if they’d given me the bed and I’d slept in it for a period of time and knew it was a mother fucking great bed, I would of been all over it, but I couldn’t promote something that I really had no idea about.

Integrity and authenticity is everything. Write that down.


What’s your top tip for Babes wanting to start their own Biz?

THERE. WILL. NEVER. BE. A. RIGHT. TIME. TO. START.  You will never have enough money. You will never have enough time. You will never have enough experience. You will never have enough sleep. START. NOW. RIGHT. NOW. Go do that thing you’ve been putting off, that one small thing that is actually going to be the beginning of a chain reaction of magic, stardust and life changing fulfilment! DO IT! NOW!


Being a Biz owner in today’s constantly ON world, how do you find ‘balance?’
Ha. If you, or you know someone that has found the gift of ‘balance’ then please slide into my DMS. Seriously though, I am really good at checking in with myself, listening to my body and being kind to myself. I don’t hustle hard anymore, I hustle smart. Sometimes hustling for me is having a morning of admin, answering emails etc. then filling the rest of the day up with things I love doing, a walk in mother nature, a nap, reading a book in the sun or scrolling through social media. I listen to myself and I honour myself. I think that’s as close as it comes to balance for me, and it can be the same for you. Remember babe, you’re only human, be kind to yourself, you can only do what you can do.


Final question babe. If there’s one thing you want our Babes to take away from this chat, what would it be?
Three things.
1. Show up when you feel friction, tension or frustration in your life and check in to see what’s there.
2. If you have an idea, take action. Or someone else will.
3. Be gentle to yourself and slow down.


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