Babe Chats: Anna Reeve

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This Babe is a superwoman! She juggles life with twin sons, her own business, her blog, is an Alopecia ambassador, and has a just as busy hubby - all while being super down to earth and #relatable. We love this Babe! Read on to hear more about her daily juggle.

A typical day with Anna starts with…Twins jumping on me begging for food - I swear they eat like they are teenagers already. 

Currently obsessing over…holiday plans. BRING ON THE BREAK! Oh and hoping our new grapes for the next vintage of Master Of Ceremonies are ok after a wet season! 

Can’t live without…my people. Family & friends are everything. 

On weekends you can find me…sleeping in, playing on the beach with my boys and drinking too much wine with jay when he wee men FINALLY go to sleep for the night. 

My life is currently…chaotic. I’m sitting here writing this in the biggest pile of washing, the house a mess and with a million things on my to do list. This girl needs a break. 

I started blogging because…I felt incredibly alone during the first year after I gave birth, had PND and anxiety and the twins cried ALOT due to reflux. No one talked about how I felt and I didn't want someone else to feel that way. Plus I missed working in that industry, I used to present a fashion tv show and work in the beauty industry and that s huge part of me. 

I balance mum life and work life by…refer to previous answer. Currently not nailing this but the Anna prior to this month did do this well. Jay and I are really great for taking timeout, alone and together from kids and work to get back to feeling like “us”. So take the time, you won’t regret it. 

Babes wanting to start their own biz or blog should…be brave, I was so scared I put it off for ages. Should have done it sooner! 

The most babe’n thing about my new BBS logo and website is…the way it draws your eye down the page, something simple and sexy about it. 

Thanks Babe! Check out her epic blog here.

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