4 Key Steps to Developing Your Brand Identity

Sometimes you just aren’t in a place where you can use branding experts. We get that Babes! To help you through that phase so you can get yourself up and running - and killing it of course - we’ve put together some tips. These will help you create a cool and cohesive brand identity, until you can invest and evolve it into a professional one.

The purpose of your brand identity to to connect with your target audience, telling them who you are without even saying a word. It gives them clues about what your vibe is - for example if you’re a fun and young biz vs a more buttoned up and serious biz. 

Clearly it’s super important, so pop your thinking cap on and let’s get started!


1. Audience
Before you even begin to create a brand identity you need to know a) who your audience is, and b) how you serve them. 

Audience is more than just demographic, it’s also based on motivations, emotions, their shared problem that you’re solving, sometimes location, likes, dislikes…go as deep as you can! Next, think about what your role is in their life. Are you solving a problem, are you educational, are you a service or product and why would they use you? This will help you work out what the key thing is that would attract your audience to you. This is what you will keep coming back to when defining your brand identity.


2. Defining your identity
Based on this key element, you should start to get an idea of what your brand personality. This personality will lead you - it will help you decide on colours, typefaces, imagery, even the styles of posts you do on social media. Think in depth about this personality, e.g what is the emotion behind the brand, what story do you want to tell and how does all this relate to my audience? 

When you’re creating things like your logo and website, ask yourself “would this resonate with my audience?” and “does this make me seem (insert brand personality here)?”

For example, one of our Babe’n clients works in women’s health, focusing on 20s–50s. She serves her audience by making health easy to understand and by discussing real life ‘taboo’ topics they’re too scared to ask about. She’s a kick-ass real woman, who just happens to be a health expert. Based on this her brand identity needs to be welcoming, down-to-earth and relatable, but also trustworthy and professional. This lead everything from her logo to the style of writing on her blog. 


3. Consistent and cohesive
We bang on about consistency. It’s a huge factor you need to consider in brand identity. Once you’ve got brand colours, imagery style and design elements, you need to use these consistently. This means you always use them in the same way - templates and brand guidelines are a great way to do this. 

For example if your brand colours are white, pink and purple, use these exact shades of white, pink and purple for all of your touch-points. Don’t just decide one day that you want to use orange for some flyers, because that will make a) your brand look messy, messy = untrustworthy, and b) not be recognisable as your brand when people pick those flyers up. 


4. Audit it
For a lot of our Babes, they start creating their brand identity as soon as they have their biz idea. This excitement can sometimes lead to a few missed steps. If this is you, now is a good time to audit what you have come up with, to make sure you are on the right path. Go back to the start, work out who your audience is and define your brand personality. Once you have that, use it to try and asses your current brand identity through this lease. Look over your website, your social media, even your email signature. 


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