A 9 to Thrive recap and all the inspo you need for your Biz

Of all the things the Biz Babes at 9 to thrive talked about, a few common themes came through. Don't give in to "mum guilt", build a community around you you can lean on, anyone can be  or do anything they want to, and you need to know your why.

We've collated some of the main gems under each category to give you some inspo for your own Biz and life. 



The struggle to balance mum life and work life is not something to feel guilty for. And putting extra stress on yourself by thinking that way is counter productive Babe. Some days are brilliant and you feel like the juggling Queen, other days are just the worst. And that’s okay.

“Guilt is a wasted emotion - it doesn’t serve anyone to feel guilty. Your kids don’t benefit from it, your colleagues don’t benefit from it.” - Emma Isaacs

“There’s always things people tell you to do these days to be happier. But sometimes it’s just realising you like what you like and doing those things.” - Olivia White

“You’re in charge of managing your own expectations - don’t compare” -  Jessica Smith


Winging it

Everyone is winging the biz game. E.v.e.r.y.o.n.e. It’s better to admit when you don’t know what you’re doing, you never know whose talents are waiting to help you. At the same time still keep giving shizz a go and following your intuition to do so.

“Confidence is contagious” - Shelly Horton

“Saying ‘the timing has to be right’ is a flawed concept.” - Emma Isaacs

“If you have a growth mindset and you want to learn from the people around you, you’re not a fraud, you’re showing up.” - Amna Karra-Hassan

“It’s easier to bring your big dreams and goals down to reality, than looking back in 10 years and thinking I wish I’d tried for more.”



There has been a lot of talk about women empowering women. The 9 to thrive event and speakers just solidified that, reminding us the magic that happens when we all support and back one another. This biz life can be lonely, so let’s befriend one another and provide an ear - even if that’s just over the ‘gram sometimes.

“Every opportunity is connected to a person.” 

“If you’re in a business partnership you need to be prepared to have good healthy arguments. It’s about having opinions and being able to share them.” - Sally Obermeder

“If you don’t have [a supportive female community] find it. If you can’t find it, create it.” - Amna Karra-Hassan.



Biz Strategies

“A strategy is not ‘exporting to China.’ It’s exporting to a province, community in China because your specific target audience are there.”

“Focus on you and your why before you focus on followers. That’s what they’ll connect with. Take them on your journey.” - Emmy Lou

“Get real with your why. This applies to life too. What is your intent?”

“Create less content and recycle it - 9/10 people haven't’ actually seen it, you just feel like they have.” - Sally Obermeder

“Listen to what your audience are after.” - Laura Henshaw

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