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We’re fascinated by money lately Babe - listening to podcasts about money, talking to one another about our money mindsets, reading books about money…money, money, money, monnnney. The weird thing is, no one really talks about it.

The more we learn about money ourselves the more we want to learn. Which means the more we want to hear about it from other Babes. If you’re in the same boat, this blog is perfect for you. We’ve gathered money insights from Biz Babes to help you with your own money journey.


Know your money why.

Start with a brainstorm - what does your ideal life look like, what do you value most in your life and why are these things important to you? Ultimately what we’re trying to understand is – what makes you happy? Because if everything you’re doing doesn’t create happiness or lead you to your purpose, then why do it?

Once you’ve worked our what it is makes you happy, assess these against your financial goals. 
Do your goals align with your values and ‘why’?
Are you spending in alignment wth these?

If your financial goals work in with what makes you happy, you’re more likely to achieve them and be willing to make any money related sacrifices for them in the long run.

- An insight from Chelsea at Cash.


Pay your savings first.

Getting into the habit of paying yourself first is a trait of those that have achieved success. Open up a savings account and make it a habit to pay yourself a percentage of your income on a weekly or monthly basis. Try and choose the highest return savings account.

- An insight from Danetha, Money and Mimosas


Remove yourself from temptation.

I don’t have any chocolate in the house because I have absolutely no willpower. Sure, I could decide I want to get tougher and purposely keep it in the house, but I’d be beating myself up daily because I know I’d eat it. It’s the same with money. If you know that brunch with girlfriends always ends up as a Saturday afternoon shopping trip, suggest to them that you move brunch to a retail-free location instead.

- An insight from Melissa Browne, Unf*ck your finances


Create a discount free zone 

Once you’ve set your prices you need to be a strong Babe and stand by them. Fear is the thing that makes us drop or discount, so kick that fear away.
One way to do this is set yourself a 30-day period and pinky swear you won’t under any circumstances a) lower your prices or b) offer a discount.

For those 30 days tell anyone who enquires your full price and stand by it.

The secret to doing this? Becoming ok with a big ass ‘excuse me, how much did you just say?!’ or ‘ahhh, no, thanks’ aka rejection. 
Plus those who see your value, are the clients you want to work with.

- An insight from Alexis Harvey, money coach

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