4 Helpful Tips For Writing Better Copy

It’s hard to write - that’s what 97.8% of our Babes tell us. It’s hard to put what they envision in their heads into written form.

If that’s you, read these tips to get started with your writing and become the 2.2% who find it a breeze.


1. Research

Research the shizz out of your subject. Think you know what you’re talking about? Research anyway to get your head in the game.  Research is often where your idea or key point to focus your writing around will come from. Plus you don’t know what you don’t know, until you find out you don’t know it. So do you research and find out.


2. Just get it out.

The most important part is just starting. Get your words out of your head and onto paper. It definite doesn’t have to be perfect - and it wont be. You just need to start so that you have something to edit and improve on later. Without starting, there’s nothing to improve.

If you’re a Babe who second guesses and edits in their head before they even put a pen to paper or finger to keyboard here’s a tip for you. Write WIP (work in progress) or DRAFT at the top of your page. That relieves some of the mental pressure to get to right first time.


3. Read it out loud

Often I’ll do this and have my partner yelling from the other room “what did you say Babe?” It feels weird but when you read your writing out loud you’ll find any sections that don’t quite flow or words that don’t work where they are. You’ll pick up on anything that feels unnatural or doesn’t fit with the tone of the piece.

Make your edits then read it out loud again. And again.


4. Have a call to action

What is a call to action? It’s when you tell your reader what you want them to do next. 

Without a call to action you’re wasting an opportunity - whether that’s encouraging the reader to read another of your blogs, sign up for your emails or straight out telling them to work with you - if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Be clear and concise - tell the reader why doing this benefits them and what they can expect. It helps if you don’t think of them as “icky” and sales focused, think of them as another way for your to give value to your reader by pointing them at something they may need or enjoy.


For more tips (30ish pages worth in fact!) download our free eBook ‘Biz Babes Guide to Better Copywriting’ here. It’ll step you through all things copywriting - from your copywriting strategy to the actual writing itself. Clicked download yet? Go on, you’ll be a copy Queen in no time.
(PS Yes, this is a call to action ^)

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