Advice from 5 Successful Babes Who Are Just Like You

Nobody has it figured out Babe, even the people you look up to.

They may have big names and kickass businesses, but they are still just people who are trying their best and working it out as they go.

Here are actionable learnings from 5 Babes who are doing just that:


1. Laura Henshaw - Model and Keep it Cleaner founder - was terrified of public speaking. She said the only way she could do it was to just practice and practice and accept events. She spoke like a champ and reminded the audience “as long as you’ve prepared as much as you can, you can’t do any better. You’re doing your best.”

Key action: Practice. Research. Prepare. No matter what it is you’re preparing for you always feel much more confident when you’ve done it.


2. Jessica Smith - Paralympian and motivational speaker - acknowledged the struggles of juggling motherhood and stressed it’s okay if sometimes the a big celebration of the day just to pee solo without a stage 5 clinger attached to you.

Key action: Stop overthinking achieving balance, it just adds more pressure.


3. Kayla Istines - Kayla freaking Istines - admitted that not only did she not think BBG was a good idea when Toby first suggested it, but also on the first day of the sweat app release she received 25 THOUSAND complaint emails.

Key action: Give ideas a chance. 
Key action: Take on customer feedback
and use that to adjust and create a better product or experience.


4. Sally Obermeder - SWIISH Founder - talked about hiring at a stage where they could only pay a junior level. She ended up spending all of her time sitting with them to help with the things they weren’t trained in, meaning two people’s wages and time spent on one job. 

Key action: Wait to hire until you can at the level you’re in need of. It works out better in the long run.


5. Kemi Nekvapil - Coach, Author and also our newest Babe crush - had always wanted to learn guitar, thinking things like “I wish I’d learnt guitar when I was at school.” That kind of thinking holds us back by limiting when we think we can do things.

Key action: Stop thinking about things in terms of timing. There’s no such thing as perfect timing - you either want to do them or you don’t.
Kemi suggests asking yourself “on my deathbed will I regret not doing this?”


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