How To Do Something You’ve Never Done Babe


Whether you’re a Babe wanting to start a side-hustle, or one who is wants to try something new, we can help you make it happen. Uncertainty and fear are the most common reason we don’t do something - but they don’t have to be! Here are our tips for trying something new and learning to let go of fear.


Do it little and often
For a year I had a rule - I had to do something every day that scared me. This helped me to say yes to things I wouldn’t otherwise like asking a new acquaintance to meet for coffee, contacting the magazine I had an idea for, and trying bigger jumps on my bmx. These little daily scare sessions built up my confidence and resilience to start to do bigger things, like quitting my comfortable job for Brand Babes Studio. 

When you consistently push your comfort zone, you get yourself ‘fit’ to do the things that scare you on a bigger level. Like everything, overcoming fears takes practice so by starting small and often, you build up your bravery.


Look back
We’re always encouraged by motivational peeps not to look back, only forward, but in this case it’s helpful. Look back at your past successes, other times you’ve conquered a fear or tried something new, and pat yourself on the back. By remembering that you’ve overcome uncertainty once, you remind yourself that you can do it again. 

While you’re at it think about what gave you the bravery the first time and channel that. Was it the people you were surrounded by, or the music you used to amp yourself up first? Whatever it was, repeat it.


Break it down, and down, and down again.
If the thing you want do feels huge, let’s shrink that beast. Work out what is the smallest step you could take towards it right now, and then do that. Then work out the smallest step that follows that one, and do that…then repeat. Even a small step moves you towards a goal. As you do this you will start to gain momentum and excitement - both things that make scary leaps a lot easier.


Finally, remember these words of advice…
'If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!’ Richard Branson


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