Why We Stopped Offering Logo Design!

Babes we need to talk. Or rather, since this is a blog, we need to talk while you read. Sweet? Cool. 

So here’s the thing. We’ve stopped taking on just logo design clients. In fact we’ve stopped taking on clients who just want something designed but don’t have a strategy or brand already in place for us to build off. 


After working with clients from all different backgrounds we’re noticed there’s three main groups.

  1. Those who just want a quick logo (or other one-off design)
  2. Those who want a strategy and then design
  3. Those who already have a strategy and want a wee refresh or design based off it.

After working with these clients for the last few years we’ve realised there’s only one way we can make sure we are doing our best. That’s by using design to build on our client’s brand strategy, strengthening and showing off their brand. 

With this in mind we’ve decided we can’t serve the first kind of client because it would be doing a disservice to them and we don’t want to let Babes down by not doing the best by them.

If that sounds crazy Babe, think about it this way. Your brand is not your logo. It’s a combination of everything - the purpose, the words you use, the values you hold, the content style, your customer interaction, and of course the design.

Without a strategy behind what we’re designing, we’re just designing for the sake of it. And that’s not what we’re about Babes! Our whole purpose is to help YOU and empower YOU through design and content that builds on your brand so that you can be successful.

We will still design logos but only when it’s coming from a brand strategy - either one you already have or one we help you create. You can be sure that they will be the most kickass, on brand, Babe’n logos ever because they come from a strong foundation.

Doesn’t that sounds a heck of a lot better than a logo we just designed for the sake of it?


If you have any questions, or want to see what we can help you with, please hit us up Babes. We’re only to happy to answer.

Megan RaynorComment