What Copywriting Is And WHY You Need It

What the heck is copywriting Babe? And why do we keep telling you you need it? Well read on sweet thang and before you know it you’ll be telling everyone else they need it too.

Sometimes Babes think we mean ‘copywriting’ as in ‘copyrighting.’ They are very different things - the first being what we do and the second being when you ‘copyright’ something to own it. 

Copywriting is anything to do with written words. This blog post is copywriting. Our website content is copywriting. Our instagram captions are copywriting. The emails you get into your inbox are copywriting. Even your business name and tagline are copywriting.

When we write anything you need for your biz, we are writing copy for you.

A lot of Babes that come to us, come because they don’t know how to write. They aren’t confident that they can get across what they want to say, or they know what they need to say but don’t know how to write it.

These Babes realise that copywriting is important to the success of their biz.


Why is copywriting so important?

Think about it like this, the purpose of writing something is to have it read or spoken. If no-one can understand what you’ve written, do you think they’ll continue reading it? Unlikely Babes!

And even worse, if they don’t know what you’re asking them to do (like buy a product, sign up for a consult etc) then they can’t do it.

When combined in the right way, words can move people, they can excite people and they can encourage a response. The opportunities to engage and share and endless when you have good copy.

Copywriting can serve many purposes. It can tell who you are and what you do on your website, engage an audience on your social media and give potential customers a clear idea of who you are as a biz. It can - and should - tell the reader what you want them to do next, like sign up for your Babe’n emails, or watch the link in your bio.

To do any of the above, your copy needs to be consistent, clear and readable. It should also be of some value to the reader, otherwise they won’t want to read it. Copy such as blog posts and social media captions are a great example of this Babe! They connect with your audience - whether that’s through making them smile, giving advice or some other value-adding way. 

Above all, everything you write should link back to your brand strategy - the thing that makes you different and gives you a clear focus.


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