How to Come Up With a Killer Brand Name

Naming your brand is like naming your baby. You’re scared to pick the wrong one incase it effects how they turn out! Have you ever known a Levi to be a teachers pet? Didn’t think so. 

The good news Babe is that your name is just one part of your brand, and it’s the whole package that tells your audience who you are. Nevertheless we have jotted down some tips to help you get that pesky naming part right so you can make a good first impression.


1. Consider your audience

When it comes to naming your brand you need to consider your audience. These are the Babes you’re wanting to appeal to and attract, so the name should be relevant to them. Look at your name ideas through their eyes - or if thats too hard ask them! Do a poll and see which of you fav names resonates with them more.


2. Make it easy to say

People don’t remember things they can’t say, pronounce, or spell. Keep your name simple and it’s more likely to stick in your Babes minds. When you’re going through your pile of name ideas, put a line through anything that’s super long, tongue-twisting to say, or just trying way too hard to be fancy. The old ‘keep it simple’ rule you learnt in primary school is still relevant.


3. Have a play

When it comes to brainstorming biz names, play with all the different types. You will find some name types feel more ‘you’ than others. Here are a few to get you started:

  • Acronym names - using letter to symbolise words
  • Arbitrary names - words that are random. We’d totally recommend in this case you think about words that seem random but link to the vibe or tribe you want for your brand. ‘Apple’ is an arbitrary brand name.
  • Descriptive names - names that state what you’re about. These are the more blatant and straightforward names like ‘Natasha’s Nails’ etc.
  • Suggestive names - these are words that suggests what you’re about - whether that’s a feeling your brand evokes, a metaphorical meaning.  For example ‘Greyhound’ is suggestive of the speed of travel.
  • Made up - go for gold here and make up your own words. These are usually the easiest to trademark. Sometimes this can be as simple as merging two words together or changing out a letter so make something new and own able.


Need help with naming? We’re fab at that Babes. Chat to us about your new Biz here.

Megan RaynorComment