APPS We Use That You Should Too

If you follow us on Instagram you know we are a bunch of APP obsessed Babes! When you’re running your own business you need to do what you can to make life more simplified and organised. 

We've compiled our favourite apps that do that, so that they can help you too. See you on the other side babe! It's more organised over there.

App intergration is a great way to streamline and automate your business. This is a crucial step before outsourcing work. 

How we use Zapier:
- automatically create client enquiry tasks in Asana from our GSuite email
- automatically create a Slack message from a client enquiry that comes through from our website to our Gsuite email

App's we use for BBS operations

Slack - For team communication
See ya later FB messenger - Slack is in the building. 

Asana - project management

Typeform - client enquiries and brand questionnaires
Typeform is a new lover to the family of APP's we absolutely adore. The experience typeform gives our potential clients and clients is second to none. Let's be honest filling out forms is another annoying task as a small biz babe but Typeform's easy to use interface makes me want to create and fill out forms all day - seriously it is so slick!

Calendly - scheduling meetings + client calls
Another newbie to the fam is Calendly. Gone are the days of back and forth emails trying to organise simple meetings and client calls and then realising you are double booked! Calendly syncs into your calendar whether iCal or google calendar and makes it easy peasy for clients to book in a time with you. The magic of Calendly is you get to pick what times you are available - which if you ask me is a small biz babes dreaaammm!

HelloSign - sending client + contractors contracts
Its 2018 babe so let's get real about your on-boarding process. Save the trees, your time and your clients sanity by sending easy to sign digital contracts. Simple save your contract templates in a word, pages or PDF doc, upload to HelloSign and email to your client for them to digitally sign. This is such an easy way to level up your brand's client experience. Say goodbye to paper piles and filing contracts (ew!).

Wave App - sending client invoices
Having issues getting paid on time? Then you need WaveApp in your life. Over at BBS HQ we use waveapp's to send client estimates, convert those estimates into invoices, tracking how much we have made for the month, collect our client info, and make sure we get paid on time thanks to WaveApp's invoice reminder function. We love that we can save our package prices to easily add to invoices saving us soooo much time!

Grid Diary
Gratitude, journalling, manifestion and mediating is all zee rage that it can actually seem hard AF to keep up. Grid Diary simplifies all this for you in a quick short form way to journal and express gratitude daily. As a bonus it's slick AF to use. We use grid to set out intentions for the day and practice gratitude using the set up below. Now not forgetting how important it is to end the day intentionally the little grid we came up encourages us to end the day reflecting on the highs and the lows. You can copy ours below: 
[insert grid diary screenshot]

We know you babes have heard all about Pinterest but did you know you can use pinterest to drive traffic to your blog or website - in turn bringing you new clients or customers? Yea well ya can, so listen up babe. [insert quick info on how to drive traffic to site using pinterest] 

We'd love to know what APP's you babes are obsessed with so we can add them to our list. Hit us up in the comments and let us know.