5 Podcast Episodes That Will Change Your Life


We’re obsessed with podcasts, we binge on them, thrive on them and can’t get enough of them. We’ve even covered our favourite podcast series before. This is podcast blog 2.0 which is frankly way more in-depth!

These are the individual podcast episodes we listen to often - more than once and usually more than twice! Read on to add a pile of great listens to your list.


1. Your Creative Start - #22 and# 23 - Money Management series with Cash.

We loved this two-part series so much that we even wrote this blog post about it. Money is often quite an intimidating thing, especially when you’re thinking about starting a business! There’s so many things to start thinking about - tax, pricing, retirement funds…yada yada yada. These podcasts from Jaharn and Chelsea stop made us calm down, stop freaking about money, and start making it work for us. It’s amazing how much easier it all seems once your money mindset changes.

Fav quote "Make sure your spending is in alignment with your values" 

Get your money hat on by listening to part one and part two here


2. Stop, Collaborate and Listen - #3 Humanising your brand with Bonjoro

We are all about humanising brands through personality and authenticity. Sometimes it feels like companies forget that at the end of the day we’re just people talking to people, ya know? This podcast with Jess and Matt is all about adding that little extra touch that will delight your customers, giving you a much better first impression. It’s little details that take you from ‘customer satisfaction’ to ‘customer mind blowing.’ They use Bonjoro as an example but it’s totally applicable to any way you can connect with your customer and show you are human.

Fav quote  “It’s showing that I’m willing to take time with every single customer. That is turning my customers into higher converters and also bigger advocates.”

Show your customers you’re human by listening here. 


3. Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations - #50 and #51 - Life’s calling series with Elizabeth Gilbert

First of all, Oprah. Second of all, this dual episode is what gave Alarice that final push to go and live in Bali for three months, and run Brand Babes Studio from her villa. This podcast with Oprah and Liz talks about finding your purpose, dealing with some of the less fun parts of transformation and advice on how to go follow your own calling. It’s pretty much ‘eat, pray, love’ only better and quicker!

Fav quote “Happiness is the consequence of personal effort…you have to participate relentlessly in the manifestation of your own blessings.”

Find you purpose by starting with a listen here


4. Ladies, we need to talk - Breaking the motherhood contract with Yumi Stynes

This podcast is a great listen for you mamas who are wanting to take a leap into starting your own biz, or those who already have an are feeling the mum guilt of having less time with your babies. These ladies go deep - they unpack all of the pressures we feel as mums be ‘perfect’ and how ‘mum guilt’ is a limiting belief which impacts your business. This one is a game changer, we suggest you listen asap.

Fav quote “It’s not my entire identity. It’s a massive part, but it’s not everything.”

Drop your mum guilt, listen here.


5. Monocycle - #62 - A conversation with Bozoma Saint John

Wow, this episode really gets us in all the feels. Bozoma is the extremely bold and powerful Chief Brand Officer at Uber, as well as a single mama who lost her love to cancer. In this conversation with Leandra Medine (manrepeller) she teaches us about resilience and perseverance, and finding the beauty in that. After listening to this episode we not only felt incredibly grateful for our lives, but incredibly empowered to be our own bigger cheerleaders.

Fav quote “Who made these rules, and why do we listen to them?”

Go through the emotions and come out stronger, with a listen here.


If you loved these, we'd love to know your fav episodes for us! Drop a link below or a recommendation so we can add them to our own lists. Thanks Babes!

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