Babe Chats: Bianka Velevska

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Reading this Babe's resume, you'd be forgiven for feeling a little behind! Bianka is the marketer and social media star behind MiGoals, Pause Fest, and most recently Collabosaurus and her own biz, Even better, she is sassy and fun - the kind of Babe we are proud to call our friend. Read her Babe Chat for helpful gems and a little twerking talk.


We’ve noticed you’re an early bird! What is your morning routine that sets you up for the day?
I’ve learnt that my peak productivity is early in the mornings and my brain no longer functions after 2pm. So I usually wake up around 5am, quick stretch, tidy my surroundings followed by writing a to do list for the day. I’ll then do 1 annoying task or ‘eat a frog’ as they call it to build momentum for the day. Once I do that, my reward is walking by the beach or a quick workout at the gym. If I’m going for a stroll outside I’ll listen to a podcast that I’ve lined up the night before or I’ll watch something informative on Youtube on the TV’s that are connected to the treadmill. By informative I mean it’s either Gary Vee delivering a keynote or Beyonce live in concert. It varies. 

What does life currently look like for you?
Ahh, it’s a bit heckers at this moment haha. I’m onboarding two new legends to the Collabosaurus team, implementing our content & social media strategy, and planning ways we can deliver the best experience for our users. I’m attending events to learn more about how I can be the best marketer I can be and I’m also working on as we plan on turning it into a magazine in August, which is kind of top-secret, but not really now that I’ve mentioned it haha. I have no idea what I’m doing in terms of publishing/editing magazines so please do follow along so we can learn together.

How do you balance ‘you time’ with an epic job and a just as epic side hustle? 
Self-care and ‘me-time’ was never something that came naturally to me. I also get bored if I’m not doing things which is why getting my nails done is torture and I always leave with smudged nail polish. I find small ways throughout each day to pause and give myself a mental break. If I grab a coffee at a local café, I won’t check my phone – I’ll do a coffee meditation (it’s a thing haha). I love to read magazines; I’ll spend a little longer in the shower if I feel like it. So integration and weaving it in throughout the day, rather than putting chunks of time aside works best for me. I also have a mild fear of becoming lazy & complacent. 

We love how branding obsessed you are. What is the #1 thing you think brands should consider in 2018? 
Getting super-clear on what your offering is & communicating that well. Everything from your EDM’s, social media & any form of customer interaction/touch point should reflect what your brand is about. Also focus on creating value!

If you could collaborate with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?
To be honest, I’m so grateful to be working with Jess at Collabosaurus. This is my dream job, she supports me in so many ways & has given me such an incredible opportunity to step-up to the challenge and become the best marketer I can be. She offered me this role when we were casually catching up at a bar. No questions asked, no resume, no previous experience - nothing.  She just believed in my ability to get things done.

She has instilled so much trust in me and believes in me more than anyone I’ve ever met and It’s the reason why I’ll work on weekends, public holidays whatever it may be because I’m just so grateful to her and I believe in her vision. She sent me flowers and chocolates within my first couple of weeks which is more than I’ve ever received from any boyfriend #workwifeforlife haha.

I’ll be collaborating with Jess for in the next couple of months for the CollaboHub, which is going to be so much fun. You’ll have to sign up to Collabosaurus’ mailing list to keep in the know!

You’re very on-to-it and confident, or at least you seem that way! How do you deal with the comparison trap?
I focus on my own personal progress. You cannot compare yourself to someone who has been doing something longer than you have, has more money than you & a completely different skill set. I have a board on my wall next to my desk, which has a collection of things I’ve accomplished (I’ll also pop those experiences on my website & LinkedIn haha). But you really have to pat yourself on the back at the end of each day. When you look at where you were a year ago, you’ll surprise yourself and actually go – shit, I’m actually pretty good at what I do, I’m pretty fucking amazing.

Top tip for any Babes wanting to get into social media marketing?
You have to be really passionate about it. If you’re handling the social media for a company, you have to believe in that brand and be a proud advocate. When I left Mi GOALS to pursue freelance projects, leaving the community I had built with the team was so hard to do because I loved our customers & loved seeing how empowered they were by the stationery to go out of their comfort zone and chase their dreams. You really have to believe in the brand your promoting, otherwise if you don’t – it shows. If you don’t care, why should anybody else?

What is the book or podcast you recommend to people the most and why?
It varies, but I love podcasts that integrate self-care, are straight to the point & give me a fresh perspective on things.
For quick bits of marketing advice under 20 minutes: Collabosaurus Podcast

For startups & non-cheesy personal development: Startup Creative podcast by Kaylene Langford. (I also love her magazine).

For Self-care & courage: ‘In the Company, Insights on Humanising work with Kylie Lewis’. She’s also the founder of Ofkin. I attended an event she spoke at a couple of weeks ago and it literally blew my mind. Plus she was the head of digital at Kikki.K a couple of years ago, so I guess there’s a stationery connection that I can relate to.

It’s clear that your main career goal is to be the best marketer you can. Tell us how you found that passion and how you were aligned to that purpose? 

My goal is to be the best marketer I can be! haha. I remember doing a business subject when I was 16 and it was like my eyes had opened up to this whole new world. I learnt about Richard Branson and all these amazing entrepreneurs that had created these really cool lives and they didn't let their skillset limit them.

For example, Richard Branson had started a magazine and he was 16 and he was dyslexic! So I was like, heck I can do whatever I want too!

Then when I was 17 I saw that Tony Robbins, Richard Branson & Siimon Reynolds (marketer) were all speaking at this conference in Sydney. I flew up with my dad and after I had introduced myself to Siimon Reynolds and sat back in my seat, I remember crying because I was just so overwhelmed by these incredible entrepreneurs and I knew I was where I had to be. That's where I started learning more about business and personal development & I knew I wanted to be in marketing/business development.

Final very important question babe. Did you end up twerking in your sister’s music video?!?Hahahaha – I couldn’t make it! My sister gave me too late notice and I already committed to attending events my friends were speaking at #loyalfriend. But…If you follow my sister on Instagram (@partywithmimi) I’m sure she’ll sneak in some BTS stuff of me twerking…


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