5 Tools to Streamline Your Daily Business Operations

Even the most organised biz babe can find that things get lost or feel unnecessarily chaotic at times.

If you don’t love systems already, you need to. Systems will make your life a whole lot easier and productive, because you’ll know where you are and what you’re doing. Sound like a dream? It doesn’t have to be. Here are some tools and tips to help make your life easier babe.


1. The ever-so-awesome Asana.

This project planning software is our most used. It’s an app for phone and desktop, meaning that when we’re scootering around Bali or taking the furbabies for a morning walk, we can see what we have in store for the rest of the day. 

It’s built for visual babes with colour coding and super intuitive structure. It means since we do most of our work remotely, we always have access to the exact same information. Our clients even use it too, to keep us all on the same page. The best part about it? Tasks that can be assigned, dated and ticked off.


2. Pretty Planoly.

We’re social babes but being social errrr’day can become another to-do rather than another ticked box. This instagram planner keeps us sane by allowing us to curate the look of our feed and pre-plan our content. It’s simple, choose your post images, fill in with some likeable caption, and then schedule. The Babes feed is done two weeks in advance, but you could do a month if that’s more your jam.


3. Script away baby.

Emails are the bane of modern life right? We love that they connect us with our biz babes, but hate that the number of unread never seems to go down. One way to save time on emails and get back to the good stuff is through scripts. When you find yourself writing the same version of email again and again - stop. Write yourself some scripts for those common emails and then use them. 


4. Getting in the right Headspace.

So this is a little different. We use the headspace app to help us meditate, so that we can learn to practise mindfulness throughout the day. If you’re throwing up your hands like “whoah babe this is not for me” consider this - are you productive when you are super stressed? How about when you’re distracted? Meditation helps with less stress and less distraction, so in our books that makes daily practice a super useful biz tool.


5. Divide and Conquer

At Brand Babes Studio we divide our work into phases - as a brand agency this comes naturally with content first, followed by design. This means that we are able to have a different person taking ownership of the management of each phase, ultimately meaning we can get twice as much done because while one babe is doing phase 1 for one client, the other babe is doing phase 2 for another. Think about how you can divide and conquer in your biz - there is always something that can be delegated.


Hope that helps babes! If you want us to help you get more done by taking care of your branding, or ongoing content, hit us up.

Note: Not a #sponopost but because we truly love these tools to keep us on track.

Megan RaynorComment