Three Super-Easy Ways to Get Shizz Done

We know the feels babe. So much to do. So little time. So many distractions. Here are our top three super-easy tips to instantly get more done.


1. Prioritise your to-do list.

I love a good to-do list babes. L.O.V.E them. But when they are novel length and so overwhelming you don’t know where to start, they do more harm than good. The best way to make your to-do list work is through prioritising them. Every day pop the top three things you would be happy to have ticked off at the very top of the list - alternatively if your a big list fiend, highlight that day’s three tasks. Everyone prioritises differently, but I always go by due date or then the mental capacity that each task is taking up. In other words the tasks I can’t stop thinking about until they are done, as these are the tasks that effect your productivity.


2. Cut the distractions.

Wait, what was I saying? Just kidding babe. Life is full of distractions, however most distractions are of our own making. We choose to pick up the phone and scroll the ‘gram or to read that new email immediately, so we can also choose to stop. One easy way to do this is to pop your phone in a draw while you work so it’s out of sight. And while you’re at it, switch off your emails when you’re trying to get something done. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t reply to an email immediately, and if you’re worried about upsetting people by doing so, simply set up an auto-response telling them when you’ll be back online.


3. Stay motivated.

Probably the hardest thing of all, right babes! What motivates us is different to each person, so once you find yours, stick to it. Have tools that help you both throughout your day - so when you feel your motivation waning - and in big doses. For instance, when my energy fades and I realise I’ve been rewriting the same sentence 201 different ways but am no closer to a solution, I get outside for some fresh air. This wee dose of nature refreshes me, getting me re-motivated and inspired. In terms of bigger doses of motivation, these often come from inspiring events, meeting up with other babes who get you excited about your work, and even things like taking a proper holiday at least once a year. They should be the kind of things that get you amped up and ready to tackle every to-do list ever written. When you're motivated, your productive.


Good luck babes! Put those three steps into practice and you’ll be well on your way to getting shizz done.

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Megan RaynorComment