You Have a Babe'n New Logo, Now What?

Wow Babe your logo is so bangin’! But if no one sees it, does it matter? You need to get that logo out into the world, more specifically, into the world where your target audience are.

Here are some ways to get that Babe’n logo out and about:

Email - your new logo should be part of your eSignature as the sign off of all of your emails. Not only does this look more professional than just signing your name, but it means the recipient will now start to recognise your logo. 

Social - your logo or your logo icon should be the ‘face’ of your social pages. You want it to become the image that your target audience recognise and stop for the they are scrolling through their feed.

Stationary - “Stationary” may sound old school but you should still apply your logo to all of your business documents, contracts, invoices, letterheads and presentations - even if they are mostly used digitally. 

Sponsorship & Collabs - if you have any sponsorship opportunities that align with your target audience, or other brands to collaborate with that have the same values, make sure your logo is prominent. 

Business Card - of course Babe!

Promotional products - e.g our Babes Serendipity Ave have the new logo we designed for them on their tees. This works because it is relevant for them, would it work for your brand and audience? How about totes, a phone case, or even a sweet notebook to carry around and put all of your biz ideas in.


If your logo is in need of a Babe’n refresh before you show it to the world, or you only have a logo and need a full brand, talk to us.

Megan RaynorComment