No Pants Days


Every now and then you just need a day where no-pants is an option. And no babes, we’re not talking about THAT kinda no-pants day – although you go girl – we’re talking about a day off.

As the kids who were nicknamed ‘energiser bunnies’ we know how hard that can be. Hustle is built into our society. Our lives are fast-paced and ‘busy’ is worn like a badge of pride. But the problem with that is you can’t always go and go and go, without something eventually breaking.

There are always signs that it’s time for a no-pants day, like the struggle to get up in the morning despite a perky 9 hours sleep, or the lack of motivation to do anything more than swing back and forth in your desk chair. The thing is, we usually ignore them. But what if you didn’t?

We could extoll the benefits of having a mental health day every now and then (like lowering blood pressure, supporting immunity, and increased productivity on return) but how about the fact that it just feels damn good and you deserve it babe! Our brains aren't made to just work and work, they need moments of respite where they can reboot and replenish. 

Use the day to do something you’ve been eying up, to catch up on the life-admin that’s been lingering in your subconscious, or even better to do nothing at all.

Whatever you choose to do with it there’s just one rule for no-pants days – don’t even think about checking your work email. 


Here are some of our favourite no-pants day activities to get you inspired:

Play dates with bebe.

Exploring new trail runs.

Those long overdue phone calls with mama.

Beach meditations.

Reading a book over a soy flat white.

Napping in the sunshine.

Movie dates with yourself.

Skyping your overseas girlfriends.

That overdue haircut.

Have fun babes!

Megan RaynorComment