Babe Chats: Top Girl Studio

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We're not shy to admit, we've been fangirling over this Babe for the longest time. Fellow designer Anna aka Top Girl Studio has been featured in Nylon, Teen Vogue, Misguided and Dazed just to name a few, as well as done work for the likes of Nike. If you haven't heard of her, get out from under that rock and read her answers to our questions.

A typical day with Anna starts with…
Her iPhone. I’ll check emails straight away, then move on to instagram and see whats happening
over there, before heading downstairs to make a green juice and pretend like it tastes really cute.

I started designing because…
After studying photography and fine art, I realised it wasn’t enough for me. I needed to focus on the bigger picture and that’s what design is to me - going deeper, asking questions, solving problems, educating others. Design is all about creating conversations and getting people to listen.

I am inspired by…
Reality tv shows, fonts, my pinterest account, colour, language, millennials and memes.

Babes wanting to start their own biz or blog should
Make an instagram account, post their work, find your own ‘aesthetic’ and start using hashtags!

The most babe’n thing about being a woman is…
Breaking the rules, but also changing them.

What led to the creation of iGirl? Personal experience?
Yeah, iGirl started off as just me wanting to  create something super sarcastic, as a lot of my work is satirical. Every time I was on instagram I’d think all these crazy thoughts and I actually found it funny how insane I sounded. I’d look at other peoples accounts and the way they tagged each other and I realised I wasn’t alone, everyone was acting psycho. haha I couldn’t get over how it was all about the aesthetic of your feed, people, including myself would spend hours organising which posts went where. I wanted to bring to light all the ridiculous things we think and say whilst on Instagram because I knew people would relate to them… and that’s how iGirl was born.

You’ve done some kick-ass work, if you had to pick a fav project, what would it be and why? 
I think iGIRL because it had the most impact and there was a important message behind it. It did what I intended it to do, It got us laughing.

You seem like the world’s most confident babe. How do you manage the comparison trap?
I think everyone is guilty of struggling with this issue. I’m even currently working on a post about comparison RN. We all do it and it’s not healthy but most importantly, it’s not worth it. If we spent our energy on building people up instead of knocking them down, we’d be a happier generation. Let’s learn that we all have our good days, but acknowledge they won’t be on the same day as everyone else’s. We all have moments to shine. Celebrate that and stop focusing on what she’s doing next to you. Stay in your own lane and just focus on making yourself happy.

If you could only use one colour to design with foreeeevvvvveer, what would it be?
Baby pink. millennial pink. bubblegum pink 1000%

Who are your current babe crushes?
 Basically all the girl power accounts.. @girlboss @glossier @gucci @thewing @gurlstalk  @refinary29 @badgalriri obv.

What does living your best life look like to you?

  1. Having confidence to be courageous in your decisions but forgiving yourself when you make mistakes, because you are 100% going to f*ck up down the road, and that’s okay. Learn from it and move on.
  2.  Being kind and helping others out there less fortunate than yourself.
  3.  Realizing your own self worth, and not giving a f*ck what insignificant people think of you and your choices. just do you.
  4. Working hard and being passionate about it, whilst earning lots of $$$$ and doing it all in a bomb lipgloss.

How did it feel to be called one of the ‘grams most #relatable?
It's really flattering to think there are people out there that actually want to listen to what I have to say and agree with me. If I can make one person feel happier for 2 seconds on a Monday morning then job done!

What’s the one thing our gen needs to f*#king stop doing?
Arguing over gender. Not one sex is better than the other. The end.

And last but not least, complete this sentence. Top girl studio will change the world by…
Being herself!