Babe Chats: Haley Guildford


A blogger babe who lives and breaths cruelty-free living. Oh and did we mention she is a Babe'n photographer? Scroll to the bottom for a visual treat (thank us later, babes!) 

A typical day with Haley starts with… Making the bed, ACV and water & putting on lazy clothes. (Working from home most of the time means this is okay). 

Currently obsessing over… Reading The Celestine Prophecy. A book for everyone. Also, de-cluttering and creating a more minimal lifestyle, in all areas. Getting rid of clothes I don’t wear, reducing waste, passing things on. 

Can’t live without… Family  and friends. Also my camera, it’s goes without saying when you’re a photographer I guess. 

On weekends you can find me… Taking photos - for work and play, at yoga, camping somewhere (Summer right now), trying new food. One of my favourite past times and cooking. 

My Life is currently…A mash up of all sorts of things. Some good, some stressful, some exciting. What’s life without the highs and lows. Looking forward to 2018! 

Any tips for Babes wanting to get into the creative industry… Just do you. I was once told comparison is the thief of joy and I think if you relate this to your own creative area, you’ll make whatever it is work. Gone are the days of one size fits all. If you have an idea, roll with it and back yourself. I still have doubts & fears but I love what I do so I’ll keep on doing it. Also, look up Will Smith’s video on failure. It’s inspirational gold. Love that guy. 

I find balance by..  Doing the things I love and am passionate about. They make me happy and keep be balanced. A little yoga and a G&T are good too. 

Babes wanting to start their own biz should… Do It!

The most babe’n thing about being a woman is… How cool and goddess like we are. 

How do you deal with the social media perfection pressure?… I think in the creative industry - in all industries really - the word perfect is irrelevant. Don’t cater to perfection or pressure. Like I mentioned earlier, if you do you as best as you can, you shouldn’t need to worry about any pressure. If you’re loving what you’re doing - then that’s all that matters.


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