Babe Chats: Emily Sayes


This Babe's answers are some of the most insightful yet! Emily is the hilarious, open and down right brilliant Babe behind the blog 28Merivale.

A typical day with Emily starts with… I’m in a transitional phase at the moment. I recently started my blog, left my job as a corporate lawyer, I just moved back to New Zealand after living in Bali, and I’m building a business with my man-babe. Typical isn’t in my vocabulary. But coffee is.

Currently obsessing over... My latest naughty purchase, the East End pant by Karen Walker (I sold half my wardrobe to fund these babies)

Can’t live without... My boyfriend and probiotics. 

My life is currently… Scary, uncertain, exciting. See question 1.

Any tips for babes wanting to get into the blogging world? Nail a niche. Get really specific. When I started blogging I planned to write on all things health, wellbeing and lifestyle. I quickly realised that I was drawn to only a small subset of these areas, being gastrointestinal health. This is where my passion lies and this is a topic where I can provide the most value to my readers. Once you nail your niche, you enjoy blogging more while simultaneously targeting quality readers who value what you have to say. Win win.

I find balance by… Calming the mental chatter in my head. I’ve recently started journalling. It’s weird how therapeutic it can be just to jot down your thoughts, concerns, feelings, plans with a good old fashioned pen and paper. I also find yoga really effective for achieving balance - Kundaleni and Yin Yoga are both very inward practices rather than physical and great for calming the mind and reducing anxiety. 

Babes wanting to start their own biz should… Embrace uncertainty and (try) to enjoy the process. This is where growth happens and character is built. 

The most babe’n thing about my new BBS website design is… Definitely the home page. My blog is on a not so sexy topic (irritable bowel syndrome and gut health) so it was really important for me that the design of the blog was fun, modern and an accurate reflection of my personal style. I’m quite a visual person and Brand Babes did an incredible job of combining my aesthetic with my purpose to create a functional blog that captured my vision.

How do you deal with sharing your most personal health struggles online? I’m naturally a very open book but it definitely took some getting used to (sharing my recent encounter with colon hydrotherapy took some courage). I made the decision to be transparent and open about my experience with my condition because I think this is where my value lies. Bowel health and gastrointestinal disorders are rarely discussed openly and the information out there is scattered and confusing.  By sharing my experiences I am starting a dialogue and de-stigmatising the issue (as well as providing useful information for other sufferers). If anything, just letting other sufferers know they are not alone in their struggle is enough motivation for me. 

Thanks girl! Babes, for some more inspiration and Emilyisms check out her Babe'n site 28Merivale that we were lucky enough to design.