Babe Chats: Hayleigh


A babe on a mission to empower others, who knows more than her fair share about inner strength, meet the boss babe behind 'Hey Girl.'

A typical day with Hayleigh starts with…Run or gym 

Currently obsessing over… Grilled veges (grill every kind of vege) and peanut slabs

Can’t live without… My God who gives me strength and purpose  

On weekends you can find me… in the sunshine, boating, or on some kind of adventure

I find balance by…taking time to rest on the beach or in the sunshine, listen to music or read a book and just “be”. No phone, just nature.

My life is currently…Amazing. I am thankful for lots of travel, focusing on the “now”, enjoying every moment, while working on “Hey Girl”, training to compete in running, part-time modelling and Physiotherapy.

Why did you start your blog? I have a passion to help women of all ages to find their purpose in life and embrace their “life story”, while looking after themselves in all areas of health (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual & social). I believe health encompasses ALL aspects of life, not just fitness. As a Physiotherapist, I have met so many women who are anxious, depressed and have no “vision” for their life. It really affected me seeing broken women of all ages, who have low self-esteem and no self-confidence. How a woman feels about herself, will ultimately influence every aspect of her life. I want my writing through “Hey Girl” to empower and encourage women to be authentic, resilient and fearless, knowing life is a journey and there is a purpose for every woman. 

Babes wanting to start their own biz should…Just start, don’t overthink it. I always thought I needed to wait for the “perfect time”. Honestly, there never will be a “perfect” anything, so just do it. It is good to feel uncomfortable and challenged, that is when you grow.

The most babe’n thing about my new brand is…It is all about encouraging, understanding, loving and supporting women.


Thanks girl! Babes, for some more inspiration check out Hayleigh's amazingly insightful Hey Girl website we created design and copy for.