Babe Chats: Julia & Libby


They're NZ's most famous sister-duo, renowned for their cooking, their great hair and their really, really cute daughter/niece. They're the boss babes behind Two Islands Co. and two cookbooks. 

A typical day with us starts with…
F45 NewMarket workout or a training session with my PT Rhys. Then I’ll get home, make a protein smoothie, pack Two Islands orders and head off either to my office or meetings.  

L. Coffee and a walk with my daughter around the lake. Both these things help to clear my mind and prepare me for the busy day ahead. 

We’re currently obsessing over…Sunset runs up Mt Eden. And the caramel slice from our latest recipe book ‘Nourished’ – could have this for breakfast, lunch and dinner! 

We can’t live without…Daily Facetime chats with Maxwell and coffee! 

On weekends you can find me...
I’m very all or nothing – Either working from home with exercise on the side, maybe a visit to the art gallery OR going out with my girlfriends to lunch or dinner with many glasses of champagne and espresso martinis.  I work hard during the week so to like to let loose on the weekend.  

L. Hanging out with my daughter and partner. I love staying at home!

I find balance by…
Working out. Exercise is therapy for me! 

L. Working out, even if its just a 20 minute walk with head phones in. That is therapy for me!

My favourite thing about working alongside my sister is…
We can be open and honest with each other. I can call her anytime I need and fire some ideas off and 99% of the time we agree on everything. We are a great team and I truly wouldn't want to be doing this with anyone else.  

L. Being able to build a brand together and turn our hobby into full time jobs. 

Babes wanting to start their own biz should…
In my opinion it’s really important to be passionate about what you do.  Find what you love and then it doesn't feel like work, that's so cliché but so so true. The last 4 weeks since launching Two Islands has been the busiest time but because I absolutely love what I do I don't get sick of it.  Find people who you can talk to about your ideas, a little support team to get advice from and then work your ass off to create something you are proud of. It’s the best feeling! 

L. Find something that they are very passionate about it and then it won’t feel like work. Surround yourself with inspring and positive people! 

The most babe’n thing about our new Two Islands Co. brand is…
That we have produced a product that looks good and tastes good! The feedback we have  received so far has been amazing – we are so grateful! 

L. After years of wanting to have our own products, we have finally launched our very own protein powder that is made in NZ. We have received amazing feedback and we cannot wait to launch more products. This is a dream come true! 

Our biggest inspiration is…
I don't have anyone I look to for inspiration. I find inspiration in my surroundings, making goals and then being our own little cheerleaders to make it happen.  

L. I love Dr Libby and Jessica Alba. Two very inspiring women that have built incredible brands. 


Thanks babes for your advice - #inspo as always! We loved working on the websites and content for Two Islands Co. and Julia & Libby blog with you.