How to Set Goals for Your Biz You'll Actually Work On (and Actually Achieve)

Ahhh March, the time of year when that ‘new-year, new-me’ slump begins. All of the bright shiny newness of the year has worn off and those big goals are gathering dust under your to-do lists. Sound familiar babes?

How about we fix that? The first thing to do would be to schedule some time - or better than that, do it right now. Grab a glass of Rosé, a blank page and pen, and let’s get you out of that slump.

First. Get some inspo in ya!

It’s easier to start tackling your goals like the boss you are if you’re feeling inspired. Try listening to podcasts by other boss babes (some ideas here), stalking your favourite leaders on the ‘gram to see what they’ve achieved so far this year, or getting a drink with the type of peeps that reinvigorate you and make you want to step up.

Reassess the big goals you made at the start of the year. 

Now that you’re in the zone, reassess. Are they still your goals? Are they still the ones that will get you to where you want to be personally and professionally? Go blue sky babes. You are powerful when you want to be, so set some goals that are intended to challenge yourself.

Then ask yourself, am I doing the right things to put me on track to achieve these? Be real babe, you can’t hide from you!

Make them SMART - if you haven’t already. 

We all know the acronym - specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time based. But are you using it babe? If you’re not, then you’re not setting yourself up for success.

Take your list and work through them. E.g if you want to grow your business, turn that into something SMART like ‘increase my clients by 30% by 1st December 2018.’ Work out the steps in-between where you are now, and where you aim to be. Then write down what achieving this goal would mean for you - it’s that extra benefit-driven motivation that keeps you going when you're feeling swamped.

Track your progress.

Oprah knows best – small progress daily is key! “Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.” 

One great way to do this is through breaking your bigger goals down into process goals. This is as simple as taking each of your goals, your measurements and timeframes, and working out what the steps are between now and achieving that. If it is the above 30% client increase example, then what do you need to increase by each month, and what can you add to your weekly to-do list that will achieve that?

If you need to reward yourself for each progress goal, we’re down with that babe! All that matter is that you get it done.

Keep at it.

This is arguably the single hardest part of setting goals - because it’s not a single part! It’s the day in, day out. What works for each babe will be different, but once you know what that is, use it to your advantage.

E.g for us it’s a mix of a big whiteboard, a wall planner and asana - we pop our progress goals on all three, and have the satisfaction of ticking off smaller weekly tasks that will get us there.

In combination with that we try and have lots of interaction with other boss babes - whether that’s real life or virtually, or even through podcasts while working out. As we said babes, work out what gets you motivated to achieve, and then use that to your advantage.

You can do this. All you have to do is start.


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