5 Money Truth Bombs


Oh. My. GOODNESS babes! We have listened to the money management’ podcasts by Your Creative Start ft. Chelsea Murphy approx 3 times each. As all small, freelance, or big biz boss babes know, or are staring to figure out, you need to be on top of your money management otherwise it will end up on top of you.

We’ve compiled 5 truth bombs from these wise babes, to help you find the freedom that being strategic with your money brings.


Words are important as they stem directly from your thoughts. By changing the language you use when discussing money, you can shift your mindset into a more positive place. Changing your talk from “I can’t afford that” to “how can I afford that?” makes you approach any money situation with a problem solving mindset. How much more empowering is that than thinking “nah babe I’m broke”?!



You need to know where you are at in your business - your profits and your losses, as well as what you are making yourself after tax. Otherwise how can you know whether this week/month/quarter you need to add another client, or have the moolah to upskill with a course? Whether this is done through getting a babe’n accountant or using software like Xero, just do it. Knowledge is not only power, it’s empowering.



We like to think we live life by our values. But it’s not something we’d thought about in terms of how we choose to spend our money. Chelsea hit home with a #truthbomb that if you’re spending and using your money in line with your values, there’s no unnecessary spending, guilt or regret. You’re using money strategically towards a better you and a better business.



The insta world makes us think everyone has their sh*t together. But you never know what’s going on behind the scenes. If we’re more open to talking about money, maybe it will become less of a scary thing?

Don’t fall for the comparison trap because that is why I think some people don’t talk about money - they assume everyone is in a better position than they are



In service based biz it can feel hard to ask for what you’re really worth (can we get an amen?!) but you need to value yourself. Think about how much time you spend emailing clients back and forth, on the phone, in meetings… all of this time adds up and should be accounted for in your fee. So often this is where babes blow out. If you have a stronger awareness of what you should be charging, you will be able to deliver better quality work as you won’t be stretching yourself thin to try and make ends meet.

It’s better to have less clients, who pay what you’re worth, than to have more clients who don’t. 


Listen to the full podcast here babes - there's 2 parts and they are both BABE'N! As always, thanks to Jaharn for being such an inspo babe. Watch this space for a babe chat with her soon.

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