Out of Office Autoreplies Don't Have to Suck

It’s nearing the time of year when out of office replies become every second email in your inbox. No matter the size of your business, they’re a must for a) letting clients know when you are and aren’t available and b) easing any non-responding guilt you might have.

We personally like to have autoresponses on all year ‘round - this lets the emailer know we’ve received their message and gives them notice that they won’t get a response immediately. It keeps everyone happy because we all know where we stand.

When it comes to writing your autoreponse email this year why not give it a little bit of lovin’ rather than the quickly typed up sentence you usually do as you run out the door? Your out of office reply can be so much more than ‘thanks for your email. I’m on holiday from the 24th December to the 7th January.’  Not only can it be 100 x less boring than that but your reposes can work hard for you; It can link people to your other content, it can show off your brand personality and even better for you it could sell.

Below we’ve popped together an example for each. Use them to go and write your own in your own brand voice. 

Example 1. Linking the reader to your content, here’s a generalised example:
Happy holidays!

Thanks for your email. I am currently spending time away from my desk with my family and will reply to your message when I return on the 7th.

In the meantime here are some of my free resources will light up your life.

  • Read the blog for actionable business advice. 

  • Listen to the podcast (my personal favourite episode is #3)

  • Download my free eBook - Business basics 101.

See you in 2019!

Note: Each of the resources would be linked to that content so the reader can just click through from your email.

Example 2. Showing off your brand personality. It’s just the classic autoreponse, only as if a real person wrote it:

I’m currently out of office on holiday. That means I’m somewhere with my feet in the sand, sunburn where I couldn’t quite reach, probably a screaming toddler in either hand and a third trying to climb up my leg. I almost wish I could reply to your email instead but I can’t. I promised  my family a real, authentic, Kiwi beach holiday which means no laptop. And as a client you’ll know from experience, I do what I promise.

See you in January. I’ll be back at the desk from the 7th sporting new tanlines.

Example 3. Selling upcoming courses for the new year. Can apply for products, client spaces, anything really.


Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all that jazz.

We are out of the office eating our weight in holiday fare and enjoying family time. I will get back to your email when we will return on the 7th of January to help our clients start their businesses.

If you want to be one of them make sure you sign up for your space before the 3rd of January - our first business 101 online workshop begins on the 9th. Click here to book in.

Once you’ve chosen your autoresponse style and written your email up, check it against these three things. They are the same things you should check every single piece of brand content against:

  1. Is the tone aligned with my brand tone of voice.

  2. Is the actual content inline with my brand purpose and values.

  3. Would my ideal target audience smile/enjoy/laugh/empathise/get value from this.

If they’re all good, you’re all good to hit schedule and run out the door for that holiday.

Megan RaynorComment