Take your side-hustle to full time over your summer break.

There’s something motivating about summer - the extra sunshine hours and freckles seem to bring with them hope and positivity. It’s the prefect time to make the most of those feels and gain momentum on your side hustle, putting in the work to prepare you for that final full time leap.

We’ve popped together some ways you can gain momentum on your side hustle over the summer break, in-between mojitos.

Get chatting.

  • Around 75% of New Zealand businesses are family businesses - if your side hustle is famiy-run or has the potential to be, use the when you’re all together over the holidays to talk about any ideas you have.

  • Do some coaching. This is something that is so simple, an hour of your time, but will give you the boost and action you need to make the most of building your business over summer.

  • Talk to business minded friends. Reach out and see about coffee, wine or walks. 

  • Catch up with those who always inspire you to go bigger.

Absorb information.

Read, listen to poddys, watch talks, talk to people who have done what you want to do.

Often these are the things that we don’t have time to do in our day-to-day lives, so summer is the perfect time to gain all of the information you can. Choose any knowledge gaps you think you need to fill to take your side hustle full time - maybe you need to learn about marketing, or starting a brand, there’s a gazillion resources out there.

Goal setting.

Grab yourself some scorched almonds (because they’re always floating around Christmas) and take yourself away from others. Now’s the time to nut out what your big vision is - not just around your business, but around the life you want. They should inform one another. Consider money, lifestyle, clients.

Once you have that, work out the steps back from that until you know what the simplest things you can do are to get started right now. Set yourself a plan in place that includes a deadline for going from side hustle to full time - you’ve gotta give yourself some urgency so that shit gets done.

Get some experience.

If you need some experience in your industry - the break could be a good time to give it a go. You could volunteer to help out a friend in the industry, or ask them for contacts you could get experience with. Maybe you’ve always dreamt of opening a cafe but don’t have much hops experience - get some by putting yourself forward as an extra hand over the busy season.

Another way of getting experience in your biz is by practicing on your friends and family over the break. For example if you’re thinking of adding coaching to your services, start honing your skills before putting them out into the world for clients.

Lay the ground work.

Often side hustles are missing some of the main things that are needed to go fulltime, because they’re just that, side hustles.

Put in the work over summer to fill in those gaps. For example you could spend your time setting up your website, getting your branding done, or having some professional photos taken

Choose to do things that will level up not only how you come across to clients but how you will personally feel about your biz. When you feel like a professional, you’ll be more driven to go all in.

You should even delve into the systems side of your hustle, so that when you go full time there are less teething issues. Use your time now to work out your packages and pricing, plus  your process for when a client buys something.

Megan RaynorComment