Podcast episodes you HAVE to put on your listening list

Our podcast recommendation blogposts always seem to go gangbusters, you Babes are clearly pod-fiends like we are. We’re just as poddy obsessed as ever and have some new gems to throw your way. Plug your headphones in and get listening to these incredible episodes that will inspire you for both life and business.

Sessions by Matte Black - 002 Puno Dostres

In this podcast episode Matte Black interviews our absolute girl crush Puno, founder of ilovecreatives. They pick her brain about tech and how to make it work for you. We loved this episode because “tech” seems like such a scary thing but after this episode that fear changes to excitement.

Puno gave advice around building a community before the product is done. The aim is to find the people who you can ask, tap in to, test your ideas on, rather than waiting until you’re finished. An Instagram queen, she delved into her “secret” to instagram growth to build her community.

She also discussed how she came up with her ideas - her products are driven by problems she was having - finding ways to solve them or make them less annoying.


Fav quote “It’s not about speed to market, it’s about quality to market. So even if you’re not the first to market if your version is better quality people will gravitate to it”

Better for it - #3 Blake Warroll Thompson

We loved this episode where Katie Willams (ex professional sprinter) interviewed Blake about all things health and brain patterns. He delved into the mind-body connection, talking through the ways our brain either limits us or helps us level up. It’s down to our subconscious but once you’ve realised which beliefs are lurking in your mind, you can change them.

This episode can be applied to any area of life and help your craft the life you want.

Fav quote “Be, do, have. Who do you have to be, what do you have to do, in order to have [the life you want].”

Your Creative Start #36 - It’s not luck it’s hard work with Madeline Rawlings of The Binding

There’s no doubt you’ve been told ‘you’re so lucky’ by someone who thinks owning your own Biz sounds like a dream. In this episode Jaharn and Maddy chat about this concept and how nothing comes down to luck, it’s all hard work.

We loved this episode because it is full of wisdom bombs around making decisions with intention and how to attract clients - both of which lead to success caused hard work - not ‘luck.’

Fav quote “When you get caught up in meeting other people’s expectations and what the media portrays and says you should be…you need to be like no, where do I want to be”

99% Invisible - episode 278: The Athletic Brassiere.

This episode blew our minds because we couldn’t believe that sports bras were only 40 years old! The 99% Invisible is a podcast that finds the history and stories behind seemingly mundane things.

This athletic brassiere episode gives a great example of how solving a problem creates a business idea and not listening to those who doubt you. The inventors of the sports bra talked through the naysayers - some of which didn’t even were bras themselves so were not in the position to have an opinion. 

We loved this episode because it’s a clear example of not giving up, plus gives you fun facts for the next dinner party you go to.

Fav quote “To put it in lingerie would be to be minimising its importance, minimising it’s functionality, it was not about lifting and accentuating and making women look more attractive…It smooshed the breasts against the chest wall, it was not about looking more attractive to men.”

Babe Chats - Nailing your branding on social media with Skye Ross

We may be biased but we’ve both listened to this episode multiple times and gotten different gems out of it each time. Skye Ross of The Attention Studio is filled with advice and insight into how to make social media work for your business.

She covers the ins and outs of creating a feed that will make people want to follow and connect with you. Pro tip - it comes down to adding value.

Fav quote "Be 1 of 3 things. Inspiring, emotional or educational."

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