Create your own social media strategy

Social media is a every changing beast. User’s social behaviour evolves daily, and don’t even get us started on algorithms! 

Once upon a time it was easy to get piles of followers just by sharing some cute pics with no context. Now it’s a lot harder - people are pickier about who they follow and engage with. This might sound a bit scary but it’s actually a blessing in disguise. It means you only gain followers and fans that are interested in you and your brand, making them better leads. Lesser followers of higher quality is the goal here, no matter what social media you pick for your business. But how do you do that? We’ll tell you Babe, read on.

The first step is choosing your social media. Pick the best one for your brand and put all your effort into making that work for you - don’t spread yourself thin by trying to be across every single platform. Base your platform choice on where are your audience/dream audience hang out online. Do they go to facebook groups, love the ‘gram, or are they snapchat selfie takers, or thrive on a pinning frenzy?

If you don’t know, find out. Do your research - start with a social media stalk of your competitors and brands with similar values. Where do their audiences seem most engaged? Next ask your current clients and friends (those who are in your target audience) what platforms they engage with brands on and for what reason. These two simple steps will give you a pretty good steer.

Once you have a platform you need to determine why you’re on social media.  Just like every single thing you do in your biz your social media should be lead by your ‘why.’ This is where your brand strategy* and brand style guide* come into play, becoming the beginning of your social media strategy. It will help you to create consistent content - both in terms of what the content actually is and the look and vibe of it. 

*Your brand strategy will usually include:

Your tone of voice.

Your audience

Your purpose.

Your point of difference.

Your beliefs and values. (side note: beliefs somehow corrected to bellies in the first draft of this. It was great.)

Your brand story.

*Your brand style guide will usually include:

Brand colours.

Brand photography style.

Font combinations.

Logos and icons.

Any design elements such as illustrations.

You Babes are pretty clever cookies so I’m sure just by reading this list you will have started to see how these elements can lead to knowing what to do and how to act on your platform. For example your tone of voice will lead every single caption you write, the way you speak in your stories and your social bio. Your brand photography style will help you know what images are on brand for you and keep your feed consistent. When it comes to shooting your own content it also acts as a handy moodboard.

After you’ve remembered your ‘why’ you need to flesh that out into a social strategy. This is much more specific and gives you a clear guide on exactly what to post, when to post and the purpose of each post.

Creating content pillars is a great way to solve the problems of a) knowing what to post and b) keeping your social media consistent and on brand. Your content pillars are ‘themes’ which relate to your brand purpose. The combination of these should give any potential follower who lands on your page a clear idea of who you are and what you do. 

If you only do one thing, make that ‘thing’ adding value. When you’re coming up with your content pillars make sure that the majority of them add value to the followers in some way. Otherwise why the heck would they bother following you? Value can be things like helpful advice, recipes, inspiration in the form of beautiful interiors or food, how to videos, funny captions, I could go on and on. Whatever you decide to use for your content pillars, check them against your brand strategy to make sure you are expressing your purpose, point of difference and beliefs. 

Again, use your research to help with content pillars and ideas. If you have a current audience that’s the best place to start. You could even use handy instagram features like questions and polls to see what they want to see more of and then do that. Plus, once you start posting you can use analytics to see which posts were the best received and which posting times were best for your audience - easy!

As with everything a lot comes down to trial and error. But if you’re clear on your strategy and watching your analytics you’ll be able to make your chosen platform work for you.

We’ve been doing some kick-ass social strategies lately - both for clients who want to be able to post themselves, and for clients who get us to post for them. If you’re still a bit overwhelmed by the social world even after reading the blog let’s chat.

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