Why Bloggers need to consider their brand

You know it, we know it, the blogging sphere is saturated af. Google says there are over 444 million blogs on the internet right now. Many of those blogs will be sitting unloved, the creators having lost interest - I think I might have a coupe of those from my Uni years actually! Of those that are still going and going strong, they are the ones who have considered their brand.

Many people start a blog by doing just that, starting a blog. It’s only later when they’re already blogging that they realise there’s a foundation missing. This foundation is what makes a blog into a brand and is made up of these components.

PURPOSE Your purpose should lead the content and intention of your blog. What is it that you’re blogging for, why did you start blogging in the first place and what effect do you want to have on the readers? These questions should help lead you to your purpose. 

Once you know your purpose every decision should link back to it - it will determine what businesses you collab with and what content you create. It is also what your audience will connect to and follow you for.

TONE OF VOICE Your tone of voice is how you write and speak, it shows off the personality of your blog - are you funny or classy, informative or friendly? This not only connects with the type of audience who wants to read your blog, but gives them an idea of what kind of person (/brand) you are. 

CONTENT PILLARS These are ‘themes’ which link with your purpose. They create consistency in everything that you do. When you think about your favourite bloggers you can recognise them before you even read the fill post, because you recognise their content. These pillars also help you on those days when the last thing you want to think about is what to write or post - something that happens to even the most profesh bloggers.

LOGO Even if your name is your blog name, you need to consider the design of it as a logo. Think about it with the long term goal in mind - if you’re collaborating with a brand, creating your own products, you want to have a professional looking logo you can supply for use in any marketing. By having a professional logo rather than just a name written out, you immediately make yourself look like a “proper” blogger and elevate yourself above other blogs.

DESIGN Speaking of design, there is so much more to a professional looking blog than a logo, but that’s a good place to start. Your colours, your photography style, your website look, even your instagram graphics (you know, the ones that look like quotes but are in your design style rather than ripped from a google search) all contribute to making you recognisable to your audience. Just like with the content and tone, being consistent is what makes you a strong brand. Think back to the OGs like cupcakes and cashmere, their design was always seamless and always easy to identify as them.

If you’re thinking about blogger, or already are, but aren’t sure where to start with your ‘brand’ - contact us. We’ll see you right Babe!

Megan RaynorComment