5 reasons to build an email database, starting now

1. You own it

If you’ve been our friend for longer than a minute you’ll have heard us say this a few hundred times. We all put a lot of time and lovin’ into our social networks. This is great but they shouldn’t be your only contact with your audience - these networks could disappear tomorrow, or make it even harder for you to use, or even kick you out and then you’d be lost. You don’t own your social networks but you do own your mailing list. Build one and you’ll have a marketing stream you can rely on.

2. You can be targeted

Being ‘targeted’ is one of those buzzword phrases thrown around the webisphere. We don’t blame you if you read that heading and thought, geez Babe I’m already all over this being targeted thing. But guess what, you could be better and email databases are your how.

When you set up your email database you can gather addresses from different streams - this gives you a chance to group your list members by their interest and then give them information that you know they’ll love based on that. For instance, our copy book download (get it here for FREE) puts our Babes who want copywriting help onto a copywriting list. Now we know they love and find value in copywriting tips, so if we have any courses, advice, anything related to that, we will send it their way. We have a separate list for our Bali Guide (get it here while it’s on pre-sale discount!) who we know are interested in learning about remote incomes, building an online business, love travel, etc. The ability to be targeted with your emails database means you are always providing the value each individual Babes wants, not just blanket value that they may or may not be happy to see in their inbox.

3. Planning ahead makes Babes feel loved

The best thing about an email database in our opinion (obvs) is that you can schedule a ‘nuture sequence’ to automatically go out when a Babe signs up to your database. The moment they sign up is the best time to start building a relationship with them - you don’t want to wait until your next promotion to start talking to them, that’s just rude!

The nurture sequence traditionally goes a little like this - a welcome email followed by 2-3 emails over the course of the next week. The most important thing to remember when you create one is no selling. This is relationship building time so do things like sharing blog posts you’ve written, tell more of your story so they can to know you. Only after you’ve given a heck load of value can you then sell.

Also FYI - This sequence of emails could differ depending on the list they join (al’a point 2). It’s easy to set up in email software like mail chimp and campaign monitor.

4. You’re in their inbox

You are in their inbox Babe. You’re not just a square they could skip while they’re scrolling and downing their 4th coffee, you’re an email in their inbox that even if they delete they have to look at to do so. 

In knowing that you need to make sure that your emails are packed with value. Let’s say that louder for those in the back - MAKE SURE YOUR EMAILS ARE PACKED WITH VALUE.

5. Market for free to people who actually like you

How good is that!? These people have signed up to your email list. They’ve chosen to pop their email into a submission form, knowing that it would go to you. That means they like you, or at least are toying with the idea of liking you. There’s not many marketing channels that guarantee you you’ll be reaching those who like you brand. This is one of them - even better, it’s FREE!

If that amazeballs, bloody good benefit is not enough reason to build your email database, we’re out of ways to convince you.

Don’t walk, run to your computer and start setting up an email list Babe.

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Megan RaynorComment