Bali Babes Guide

If you haven't been to Bali Babe you need to hop onto SkyScanner, find a cheap deal, book a flight and go go go, Babe!

Seriously believe the hype Bali is Babe'n and here's why:


The Food is Ah-Mazing

And don't forget the service! Balinese Babes really know how to make a good meal, present it well and serve it like no one else can. Think smoothie bowls, gourmet meals on a budget and fresh coconuts! Yes Bali Belly is a thing so do yourself a favour and keep Imodium on you at all times (not joking!). 

So, where can you get the best food Bali has to offer? A 10 day trip earlier this year meant we are able to try out a range of places for you. Here's our must try list:


Bikini Restaurant - Seminyak

If you love gourmet food without the gourmet price tag this ones for you, Babe! The menu is dreamy and all about sharing with your babes - think Wagyu beef and Oyster Crackers (you have to try the oyster crackers) and perfectly presented Tropical Margaritas. Like most things in Bali the interiors are Oh So Instagram-Worthy - make sure you get a #selfie in the bathroom you won't regret it. It's not the cheapest Bali resturant but think about it like this Babes, you are getting a gourmet meal, killer service, the perfect selfie at the same price you'd spend at an average Auckland resturant. 

Cafe Organic - Seminyak + Canggu

Smoothie bowl lovers eat your heart out! Bali knows how to serve up healthy food and if your looking for the perfect quirky gram backdrop you'll find it here too! Located in both Busy Seminyak and Chilled-Out Canggu, Cafe Organic has everything a smoothie bowl indulging , coconut water sippin', matcha latte drinking, fresh produce Babe could dream of. 

And side note: They do some killer eggs too! Oh Hay Eggs Benny on a budget! 

The Accomodation is Insane

Yes to living lavish on a budget - or if you feel like a little splurge you'll be living it up like a Queen! These were our Bali Favs, Babe!

Bisma Eight- Ubud

Oh Hay Onsen Bath in our hotel room! Oh hello extremely ridiculous infinity pool with jungle views! Oh why hello there free 3 course breakfast (like, say what! who knew that was a thing)! This is luxury at its finest and only $250NZD a night its a steal if you ask us! They have daily free activities for guests including early morning yoga (in the jungle - I mean all the feels right?), cooking classes, bike rides etc. The location is perfect right by Ubud centre. The space is Zen from every angle. The Copper Kitchen is the resident resturant and its to die for! The Nasi Goreng is so on point and we've already raved about the breakfast so will just stop there. Be careful though, the only regret we have about this place is that we only stayed one night, had so much planned in Ubud but did absolutely nothing but explore this damn fine establishment. So make sure you book a few nights (or a week - you wont regret it).


Le Pirate Beach Club - Nusa Ceningan

You can't go to Bali without going to Nusa Lembongan island just a 30-minute fast boat ride from Sanur, Bali. And just a 10 minute ride from Nusa Lembongan you will arrive at Nusa Ceningan. If secluded, untouch and almost unreal waters is your thing - this ones for you Babes. Such a unique experience - the vibe is totally different to Bali. It's Zen, AF. Grab a book and a Bintang and enjoy the view (not to mention the sunset!).