Babe Chats: Grace Withy

Grace Withy - Boss Babe at  L  unar Balloons

Grace Withy - Boss Babe at Lunar Balloons


She's a textbook Leo, passionate, creative, driven, enthusiastic and loyal - but also very stubborn (her words not mine). She's the Boss Babe behind Lunar Balloons.

A typical day with Grace starts with Snoozing the alarm a few times... 

Currently obsessing over Ruby Red Rosehip tea from T2, its a dream

Can't live without having my next plan or goals lined up.

On weekends you can find me delivering balloons, or working on whatever my current project is - I love being busy and don't do chill very well...

I find balance by: spending time with my family 

Why Balloons? I just love any excuse for a celebration. Balloons have this amazing ability to make people happy, literally no matter the age, and it is really special to be able to bring such joy through my creations.

My life is currently a mix of balloons, working full time and uni work - hectic but amazing, as I said, I don't do chill!

Babes wanting to start their own biz should JUST DO IT, take your idea and RUN. Do not be afraid of failure or criticism - use it to fuel your fire.