Babe Chats: Abby Plested

Abby Plested - Blogger at  Honey We Are More

Abby Plested - Blogger at Honey We Are More


She's a Babe who knows her truth, mama to two Little Babes - Houston Dax + Goldie Grace and wifey for life to the first Instagram Dad - Daniel Plested aka @dressedbydad.

A typical day with Abby starts with a good strong cup of coffee

You can find me wearing some type of denim 

Currently obsessing over Whittakers toffee chocolate... it's so yum it's annoying.

Can't live without Jesus 

How to stay Babe'n - by not changing who YOU are for the validation of others.

Tips on knowing your truthWhat do I mean by knowing your truth? I mean know what you stand for! Know who you are! If you don’t know what you stand for now. Find out… Prioritise making the time to find your truth. Find out what you believe in… From what sets your heart on fire, to what makes you tick. In between them, you will find your hidden treasures. Honey, people will speak things over your life that might not be truths and you need to be able to tell the difference.

Favourite part of the day 12:30pm when the kids are down and it's just me and a new Ep of Ellen... bliss.

Life with @dressedbydad 100% not boring