Babe Values



With our founder based in Bali and our lead copywriter based in Mount Maunganui, we don't conform to a conventional office and certainly do not follow strict office rules! We are all about finding ways to do things better, faster, smarter – both for our clients and for ourselves. 


Content is King and Value is Queen, so you know which one is more important right?! With every enquiry, every brief, every meeting we try to add value for our clients. We also try and help our clients add value for their clients, because that's what biz is all about. We strongly believe in working with clients who know our value and will be honest enough to say if that's not you.

babes build babes up

real talk, always

We are all about our Babe community! Every biz babes needs some more biz babes around her to lift her up. Got an idea, an equiry, a problem, or want a rosé buddy? We're here for you. 

We don't know if it's age or stage, but we don't beat around the bush. We tell our babes like it is, no matter what. Our time is valuable, as is yours - so we don't waste it with fluff. The most important thing to us is that our babes know they can trust us to be honest and that we can trust them in return.